●News of Tsurumi library event

 ◆Is together; reading lecture "do know? Picture-story show ttene ...." We held

  We invited Hideko Nagano to lecturer and, on December 16, held course to tell about difference with basics and picture book of picture-story show.
  A happy time while we throw in demonstration. We think that charm of picture-story show might come.

  Nagano     State on the day 

  Lecturer / Hideko Nagano (picture book, picture-story show writer)

 ◆Workshop held "picture-story show of tsukuttemiyo Tsurumi"

  Is together; reading lecture "do know? Picture-story show ttene ...."
  We held workshop which prepared picture-story show into this sequentially, and rediscovered charm of Tsurumi.
  Can learn native district of Tsurumi, too; is an eye-opener! It was workshop of this.

  Mr. Tokiwa   State on the day

  Look after lecturer / Tokiwa Hiro; he (picture-story show writer)

 ◆We held workshop "picture-story show of tsukuttemiyo Tsurumi" presentation

  Workshop was "picture-story show of tsukuttemiyo Tsurumi" and, on January 31, carried out presentation of picture-story show which we made.
  Wonderful work concerning Tsurumi was introduced a lot.
  The person who made demonstrated, and venue was large serving rise!

    State on the day  State on the day
   ↑ Director of Tsurumi library played masterpiece, too!

 Dementia supporter training course 
  To that it is not revealed how person thinking "is it dementia?" should receive though we are.
  We explain dementia clearly so that we understand dementia definitely, and people who can watch quietly can increase in area.

   Date and time /2 16 days a month (Fri) from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00
   Target / public
   Venue / Tsurumi library meeting room
   20 capacity / first arrival  → Full thanks!
   Cooperation / Tsurumi Ward social worker Network, dementia caravan mate
   It is telephone or library counter from (Fri) 9:30 for application /1 12 days a month

   You can see flyer from this. (PDF/326KB)

●"Let's learn display about dementia"
  We perform dementia supporter training course in Tsurumi library on Friday, February 16.
  To the course, we display book and tapestry about dementia.
  Besides, how about learning about dementia with essay, participation in course including novel book which we commented on in detail and book to read when we care about disease called dementia?
   Period / now being held
   In front of the third floor of place / Tsurumi library display corner, the third-floor elevator
   Cooperation / Health and Social Welfare Bureau advanced age at-home support section
   Display  Display


●Display "samuifuyunohon"

  Cold day continues.
  We introduce picture book and story, book of knowledge which we can spend enjoying snow and ice, ski and skating, winter.

   Period / now being held
   The second floor of place / Tsurumi library display corner
   Display  Display 

●Display "eco-friendly house which is kind to person" tapestry
  We display prevention of warming tapestry.
  Theme is "eco-friendly house which is kind to person".
  We understand the illness caused by mold and tick coming from insulation house and CO2 emission, dew condensation.
  When we examine improvement effects of residence environment by the latest equipment of a house, how about?
   Period / now being held
   In front of the second floor of place / Tsurumi library elevator
   Cooperation / Yokohama-shi Climate Change Policy Headquarters

   Display Display

 ◆We held at "book and adult time to enjoy" 

   By "book and tea bashira at adult time to enjoy" talked, and performed meeting on February 9.
   For picture book and picture-story show, the talk in toy, song for reading and very deluxe adult talked, and was fair.
   We might just say time of Setsubun, and work which featured the theme of ogre and the bean-scattering ceremony was introduced.
   Group called this "tea bashira" becomes the first anniversary from activity!  
   It is played an active part mainly in Terao district center and old man welfare institution.
   In library, we are going to have you introduce various works from now on for adult.

 ◆Enjoy by English; talked, and held meeting

   On February 6, enjoy by English by foreigner; talked, and meeting was held.
   Of every time favorable reception reading English toy and picture book talk; fair.
   Valentine was theme, but sang song of Valentine together this time.
   We are going to hold in April on the next time.

 ◆We held "Tsurumi story Festival" 

   We held Tsurumi story Festival on December 10.
   It was full of many families including Christmas meeting by student volunteer of panel theater and Tsurumi University.
   On the day Tsurumi Ward mascot "boo came over to Tsurumi library, too"!

    State on the day toujitunoyousudesu  ←It is state on the day

   In addition, we talked and made decoration on Christmas together after meeting.

   Christmas tree

 ◆We finished "history panel exhibition of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system" 

     There were many people who looked still at photograph which we copied old cityscape of Tsurumi Ward into and came.
   In the times of Meiji, Taisho, Showa, we might think about change of town of Tsurumi who changed.
   State at the time State at the time ←It is state of display at the time

●News of the e-mail magazine delivery end

 E-mail magazine of each Yokohama City Library hall stops with 84th (March 20, 2018 delivery).
 Thank you for your patronage of long, taking the ease.
 Guide about e-mail magazine look at this.

●About Tsurumi Ward book-reading activities promotion target
   Tsurumi Ward book-reading activities promotion target was devised based on "Yokohama citizen book-reading activity promotion plan" in 2014.
 It is aims from 2014 to 30 of 5 years. Please see this page in detail.
 Of "is together reading lecture" held in November that was civic book-reading activities promotion month introduce state.


Talk; news of meeting

Of this month talk, and, as for meeting plan, please see this (talk about Yokohama City Library precedent page of meeting).

●3 years old or older (please in family everybodies!)

Enjoy together; talk; meeting

We do story-telling and toy of picture book, story, picture-story show. Prior application is not necessary.

・Wednesday 4:00 p.m. ... every month second on the date and time
・Place Tsurumi library picture book corner

Enjoy by all of 2017; talk, and, as for the schedule of meeting, please see [enjoy together talk meeting] (PDF/320KB).

☆"We talk, and there is meeting stamp card". We stamp child who heard story with stamp.
 When three stamps collect, we come in checkout in book to borrow by oneself!
 We enjoy story, and let's try by oneself with pi!
  *It talks, and it is only the day of the meeting that we can do rental experience.
  *Protector would like preschool child together.


●Child and product of under 1 year, 6 months old - 3 years old for protectors

Enjoy in parent and child; talk; meeting

For small child and the protector talk, and is meeting. Through programs such as picture book or children's song, do you not mention pleasure to have of words? Please participate casually. Prior application is not necessary.

・Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 every month fourth on the date and time
・Place Tsurumi library meeting room
・15 sets of capacity first arrival

Enjoy in parent and child of 2017; talk, and, as for the schedule of meeting, please see [enjoy in parent and child talk meeting] (PDF/257KB).

●Child and product at four months - 1 year, 6 months old for protectors

Enjoy with baby; talk; meeting

We play children's song and read picture book.
Prior application is not necessary. Come to library directly.
*When there is much participation number of people, we may begin before time. Thank you for your understanding.

・Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 (the 10:15 opening) every month fourth on the date and time
・Place Tsurumi library meeting room
・15 sets of capacity first arrival

Enjoy with baby of 2017; talk, and, as for the schedule of meeting, please see [enjoy with baby talk meeting] (PDF/367KB).

News from Yokohama City Library look at Chuo-toshokan top page.


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 ・Seven user search machines
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 ・Reading desk seat
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 ・Reading seat
 ・Meeting room
 ・Meeting reading room
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