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Welcome to Konan library kids page!
In this page, do worth to carry of book which is interesting for everybody of kids, and intellect seoshitarishiteimasu of fun event. If book shop to want to read or event that we want to do is found, come to Konan library with friend and family!


Holiday on seeing this

We look for book

Is there not interesting book? See if you think of this. We can look for book on age reiya theme.

Page in search of book on seeing this

Theme of this month turns

At corner of book of child of Konan library, it is this notenjioshiteimasu on various themes. Check if you come to library as theme is sometimes replaced!

Theme of this month turning on seeing this

Talk; meeting

In Konan library, we talk and hold meeting.
Librarian (shisho) and volunteer person who work in library picture book chew, and read play. There are various kinds of story to be excited about, slightly scary stories. Come to hear with friend!

★"We talk nikotto"
Every month fourth Sunday (we do not pass we may do it this way)
(1)2:30 p.m. - 2:50 p.m.
 3 saikuraikaraotonamadesankadekimasu
(2)From 3:00 p.m. to 3:30
 5 saikuraikaraotonamadesankadekimasu
★"We talk meeting of open space"
Every month second Saturday (we do not pass we may do it this way)
(1)2:30 p.m. - 2:50 p.m.
 3 saikuraikaraotonamadesankadekimasu
(2)From 3:00 p.m. to 3:30
 Primary schoolchild karaotonamadesankadekimasu
★"Especially we talk meeting"
There is by once in spring, summer, autumn, winter
Product for primary schoolchildren

In addition, for 0 saikaranoakachan; talk, and hold meeting.

Day when talk, and run meeting on seeing this

Guidance of corner of book of child

The first floor of Konan library is section of book of child.
There are intellect shikino books which are helpful when we do picture book and storybook, matter for inquiry.
To look for book; when come, and buy, and "Kensaku comes", and ya, book are not found, talk, and pre-; there is "counter" where librarian (shisho) is which translate, and it is possible for. Where is it? Such; find without being.

Is the first-floor bean jam; is not; on seeing this (PDF 145KB)

In photograph guidance on seeing this


Library is shi ukotogadekiruminnanotamenoshisetsudesu in 0 sainoakachankarao age yorimade, anyone. You follow rule, and use.

In detail on seeing this

Of Konan library is managed

  • Age that was made: January 21, 62 of the Showa era (we carry)
  • Vertical only area: 1, 503.36 square (wall one) meter
  • The number of books: 114,032 satsu (as for the book of child 35,521 satsu)
  • We begin to move for one year: 386,253 satsu (as for the book of child 116,023 satsu)
  • Person who came to library in one year: 206,954 people

   *It is number at the age of Heisei (energy) March 31, 29

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