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We had you donate 15 disaster prevention picture books from association of Kanazawa fire prevention!

For children local from association of Kanazawa fire preventionWe had you donate picture book than association of Kanazawa fire prevention
"shobojidoshajiputa" (Gospel building bookstore)
"Earthquake was generated"; (BL publication)
We had you donate 15 disaster prevention picture books.
We hold the presentation ceremony on November 15,
In "~ which we talk, and meeting - fire fighter does",
Story-telling of picture book by fire fighter of Kanazawa fire department,
Tell how we should evacuate at the time of fire
We had. Thank you.
Picture book which had donate as the collection of books of Kanazawa library
We become able to use.

●●●Book which had you donate●●●
   Obtain Kyoko Ube / fence Hiroko Kanno /; Iwasaki Bookstore
*『Run, to the top! tsunamitendenko
   Sashida sum / sentence Hideo Ito / picture poplar company
*『Is it jishinnoehonkonnatokidosurunoka?
   Nobue Kunizaki / product Iwao Fukuda / picture Kimiro Meguro / supervision poplar company
*『shoboshoha is all go
   Splashes hyuttona / product Gerhard raru / picture takahashifumiko / reason Tokuma Shoten
*『What would you do if you shake shakily?
   Sky dilow, Minoru Kihara / sentence, commentary Naoyuki Koshiba / picture Shogakukan
*『Telephone of a cold
   Star company of money of Yoko Imoto / color a rough sketch
   Eight mothers who planted sunflower, Tan Hagata / sentence Mariko Matsunari / picture Iwasaki Bookstore
*『Hurry; police car, fire engine
   Minoru Ogano / photograph, sentence Akane Publishing
*『If earthquake is generated
   Toshiyuki Tani / original bill Hiroko Hatanaka / sentence kanazawamayuko / picture BL publication
   Obtain Shigeo Watanabe / fence Tadayoshi Yamamoto /; Gospel building bookstore
*『It is rudder sniff-sniff
   It is ematsuokakyoko / Gospel building bookstore to envy Dick Bruna /

Kanazawa Ward reading Festival

We hold reading Festival every year. Reading facility in ward cooperated and worked out plan.
State of this year clicks each page of lower flyer, and please see.

One page of Kanazawa Ward reading Festival 2017Two pages of Kanazawa Ward reading Festival 2017Three pages of Kanazawa Ward reading Festival 2017Four pages of Kanazawa Ward reading Festival 2017

Kanazawa Ward reading facility map

We guide rental reading of book and facility which talks, and carries out meetings in Kanazawa Ward.
1-4 pages, the details click each image, and please see.
In February, 2018, we updated in revised edition.

Kanazawa Ward reading facility map p1Kanazawa Ward reading facility map p2Kanazawa Ward reading facility map p3Kanazawa Ward reading facility map p4

Talk about precedent; on meeting, knee of hug talk; meeting

For children listening to story alone once a month speak, and fair and parent and child for 1-2 years old children speak, and perform fair.

For more details, we talk, and please see page of meeting.


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