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  • ※We made senryu with title of book.
  • Backbone senryu making course "575" for high school students

Using backbone of book in library,
Do you not make senryu?

Conduct day
Thursday, July 26, 2018 13:30 ...
Chuo-toshokan the first floor
High school student (20 first arrival) of resident attendance at school in Yokohama-shi
Application method
We accept by telephone (045-262-0050), Chuo-toshokan the first floor fifth Help Desk or email (ky-libgyoji@city.yokohama.jp). In the case of email, 1, please send to the text full name 2 after filling out contact information school year 3.
Satoshi Chiba

Illustration Nao Takanashi

In 1998, we win the 41st tanka study rookie of the year title. In songbook to "slight fever body" "classroom jumping up and down" "after school department of tanka on today!" nadogaaru.
With recent work "item strongest as for the tanka" (Iwanami Jr. new book), we spell daily life that is hatouomingu of Yokohama City Sakuragaoka high school.
Now Yokohama City Sakuragaoka high school teacher. Kokugakuin University department of literature additional post lecturer. Lecturer at Japan Women's University.

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