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News of Asahi library book special rearranging closing
For book special rearranging, Asahi library is closed in the next schedule.
From Tuesday, June 5 to 7th (Thu)
Please confirm here in book special rearranging closing schedule of each library.

About change of rental period
With book special rearranging closing, rental period is changed for following three days. Please be careful.
Tuesday, May 22 rental → Friday, June 8 return
Wednesday, May 23 rental → Friday, June 8 return
Thursday, May 24 rental → Friday, June 8 return

Cityscape Asahi Ward scenery photograph archive of Showa to revive

   With scenery photograph of Asahi Ward photographed from 40s through 60s of the Showa era,
 We can see a part of the contrast photograph which we photographed at the point in 2016.

 Page of photograph archive this "cityscape Asahi Ward scenery photograph archive of Showa to revive"

  Neighborhood of Kamishirane entrance 1981 Katabira River repair work 1982

 ※The photograph left: Nakahara Highway (1981 shooting) of bus stop "Kamishirane entrance" neighborhood
  The photograph right: Katabira River (1982 shooting) during river repair work 


NoticeMascot character "ASAHI" of Asahi Ward

[we talk meeting]
 ● Enjoy in parent and child; talk; meeting
   Date and time /6 14 days a month (Thu), 21st (Thu)
      From 10:30 a.m. to 11:00
   The first floor of venue / Asahi library meeting room
   Target /0 - 3 years old child and protector 
   12 sets of capacity / first arrival on that day
   To library on the day direct application /
   Narrator / Asahi library librarian, story-telling volunteer

 ● Free child; meeting
   Date and time /6 17 days a month (Sun)
      From 11:00 a.m. to 11:30
  The first floor of venue / Asahi library meeting room
   Target /3 age child ... (possible participation in parent and child)
   30 capacity / first arrival on that day
   To library on the day direct application /
   Narrator / Asahi library librarian, Asahi library volunteer

[search machine course]
Bibliographic search machine how to use consultation

   Date and time /6 27 days a month (Wed)
      From 10:00 a.m. to 11:30
   The first floor of venue / Asahi library bibliographic search machine corner
   By how to use person who is inexperienced in target / computery or search machine
                One with place not to know
   On application / day, please report on the spot (participation for free)
   Counselor / search machine volunteer (PC volunteer "PC dorimu")

 ● Book display "book display China-affiliated Shanghai"
  [product for adults]
   Period /6 one day a month from Friday to Saturday, June 30
   The second floor of venue / Asahi library stairs front
  [product for children]
   Period /6 eight days a month from Friday to Monday, July 16
   Venue / Asahi library kodomotoshoshitsu entrance

 ● Textbook display
   Period /6 27 days a month from Wednesday to Sunday, July 1
   Venue / Asahi library meeting room

[book-reading activities promotion]
 ● We were able to map with respect with list of book rental facilities in Asahi Ward.

   Please see Asahi Ward reading activity promotion of homepage.

[other news]

 ● We dealt with child and renewed horn wall surface.    
   We dealt with child and put paper-cutting in connection with thing and old tale with sense of the seasons on wall surface around the horn.
   Please spend happy time including light rukunattakodomotoshoshitsude, selection of book and reading. 

              Wall surface of the kodomotoshoshitsu history, biography neighborhood  Wall surface of kodomotoshoshitsu old tale, literature neighborhood


Asahi Ward book-reading activities promotion

 Book rental facility map (PDF660KB) in Asahi Ward 
 List of book rental facilities in Asahi Ward (PDF129KB) 
 Let's enjoy book-reading activities in Asahi Ward (PDF 2743KB)

 ●Asahi Ward book-reading activities promotion lecture "love! Time for picture book"
     Record (PDF 416KB)
     List of works (PDF 133KB)
 ●The display "world of Hideko Nagano" (PDF 339KB)
 Display "Asahi library volunteer activity introduction panel" (PDF 240KB)
 ●All ZOORASIA garden opening connection events (April, 2015 conduct)


 Request from library

Do you not think about use manner of book? 372 "sad books"

It rises to 372 Asahi library books (2014) struck from the register by impurity damage by carelessness of person whom we borrowed book from or intention. Library book is citizen's property. We will enlighten use manner of book through display in Asahi library.
Plan display "372 "sad books" (PDF754KB)


If book which he/she borrowed is damaged…

Book repair volunteers repair damaged book in library. It is repair trace with adhesive tape to be in trouble in the case of repair. Deterioration is early, and adhesive tape rather narrows life of book. Just return to library without repairing by yourself if there is damage point in book which he/she borrowed in library. In addition, in the case of return, we would appreciate your showing the staff of counter damage point.


Usage guidance

About opening time and closed days

Opening time
From Tuesday to Friday: From 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday Sunday and Monday Sunday/Holiday (holiday) day, December 28: From 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
January 4: From the midday to 5:00 p.m.
Closed days
Facility check day (once a month)
The year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3)
Temporary closed days

As for the list of scheduled opening date, please see library calendar of Yokohama City Library homepage.


About information for use

Please see usage guidance of Yokohama City Library homepage about library services such as registration, rental, reservation, reference.


We accept consultation of book at consultation counter.

Which "book to be looking for is not found" "want to know such contents, but which book should check in?,"
Ask what you do not understand casually. Librarian does help in search of book.

... such ... which had a question
How to write christening ceremonial occasion will qualification of baby
The lyrics of final income tax return and how to get this car licenses moving preparations popular song about tax, nursery rhyme 
Map of Asahi Ward in the history Showa early days of how to write this letter Asahi Ward of recreation for elderly people

It is ... from ... child
About this Braille, guide dog of War and Peace of creature (hamster beetles) keep; one
Book which this proverb, dialect of cat's cradle is afraid of about world heritage about processed food

Talk; meeting, plan business

Enjoy in parent and child; talk; meeting

 Time: From 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 Is it parent and child story?
 Object: 0-3-year-old child and the protector (12 sets of first arrival)
 Application: On the day we accept in front of venue
 Venue: The first floor of Asahi library meeting room
 Schedule: 2018
     Thursday, May 10, 17th (Thu), 27th (Sun)
     Thursday, June 14, 21st (Thu)
     Thursday, July 5, 12th (Thu), 19th (Thu)
     Thursday, August 2, 9th (Thu), 16th (Thu)
     Thursday, September 6, 13th (Thu), 20th (Thu)
              Thursday, October 4, 11th (Thu), 18th (Thu)
     Thursday, November 8, 15th (Thu)
     Thursday, December 6, 13th (Thu), 20th (Thu)
     Thursday, January 10, 17th (Thu), 27th (Sun)
     Thursday, February 7, 14th (Thu), 21st (Thu)
     Thursday, March 7, 14th (Thu), 21st (Thu)
     Thursday, April 4, 11th (Thu), 18th (Thu)

Free child; meeting

 Time: From 11:00 a.m. to 11:30Is it child story?
 Object: From 3 years old
 Application: Unnecessary
 Venue: The first floor of Asahi library meeting room
 Schedule: 2018
     On Sunday, May 20, Sunday, June 17,
       On Wednesday, July 25, Wednesday, August 1,
       On Wednesday, August 8, Wednesday, August 15,
     On Sunday, September 9, Sunday, October 14,
      On Sunday, November 25, Sunday, December 16,
     On Sunday, January 20, Sunday, February 17,
     On Sunday, March 17, Sunday, April 21,

※We hold at 10:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. two-30ths time on August 15.
※We hold three times of 2:00 p.m. at 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. on April 21.
※We talk and may be changed in schedule of meeting.
※Of Yokohama City Library talk, and, as for the schedule of meeting, please see this. → Talk; meeting


Other plans business

We carry out various plans business including the training for various display, lectures, classes, library experience, history walk, staff in library.
As for the monthly event information, please see this. → Information for plan business

Plan business archive

Document of plan business that we carried out in the past
It is recorded "human being appearance lecture consecutive lectures lively of Asahi"
Record of business of the 30th anniversary of the opening for 2,016 years

Photograph archive

Cityscape Asahi Ward scenery photograph archive of Showa to revive
  We made 311 points of scenery photographs of Asahi Ward photographed from 40s through 60s of the Showa era archive.
  We can compare with photograph as of 2016 about some photographs.

Document guidance

List of Asahi library possession magazines (PDF 65KB)
List of Asahi library possession newspapers, newspaper compact edition (PDF 63KB)
・Document (PDF 177KB) about Asahi library possession Shigetada Hatakeyama
List of Asahi Ward group public information papers (PDF145KB)
・This (PDF277KB) of dementia, adult guardianship system


Library volunteer

  In library volunteer Asahi library, volunteer activity is performed in various fields such as flower arrangement, search machine class, bookshelf rearranging, book repair, story-telling, green, history walk, picture-story show.


Volunteer news

・Volunteer news (May 18, 2011 issue) (PDF 315KB)
・Volunteer news (March 9, 2012 issue) (PDF 117KB)
・Volunteer news (March 6, 2013 issue) (PDF 198KB)
・Volunteer news (March 5, 2014 issue) (PDF 189KB)
・Volunteer news (March 4, 2015 issue) (PDF197KB)
・Volunteer news (March 9, 2016 issue) (PDF194KB)
・Volunteer news (March 9, 2017 issue) (PDF194KB)
・Volunteer news (March 19, 2018 issue) (PDF724KB)

Each volunteer activity introduction

Areas of activity
(the order of the kana syllabary)
Activity contents
Flower arrangement We display flower arrangement work by members of "association of ASAHI simple flower arrangement for a tearoom way" in hall. → Flower arrangement photo studio
Picture-story show Picture-story show volunteer "toshokun" stages picture-story show of classic "street picture-story show" wind mainly on handmade picture-story show about folktale of Asahi Ward.
Green Green volunteer people care for Midori around rooftop garden "garden of ASAHI" and the library. → Garden of ASAHI
Search machine class People of PC volunteer "PC dorimu" hold "bibliographic search machine how to use consultation" to support how to use beginning and bibliographic search machine of PC operation. → Bibliographic search machine how to use consultation
Bookshelf rearranging Bookshelf rearranging volunteers arrange book of bookshelf which sequence was distracted with and do in state that it is easy to see book and is easy to look for. In addition, we install handmade bookshelf stopper and maintain state of bookshelf which book is hard to be distracted with.
Book repair We repair book which book repair volunteers are broken, and became dirty. We devise various repair methods depending on damage state of book. → Book repair course text (PDF327KB)
Town walk guide People of "meeting of Asahi guide volunteer" become guide and hold "history walk" to visit historic spot and the highlight in ward on foot.
Story-telling "We talk child fair"
In meeting for 3 years old or more, we read picture book and picture-story show. How to choose picture books play, and, about one, librarian advises, and plan skill up of narrator. → Free child; meeting
"We talk meeting to enjoy in parent and child"
In meeting for the protectors, we read children's song and toy, picture book when from 0 years old to 3 years old child. We let go even of Shirane community care plaza and, other than Asahi library, go meeting. → Enjoy in parent and child; talk; meeting



Garden of ASAHI

Asahi Ward mascot character "ASAHI" and the 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair symbol character "garden bear"
Asahi library did roof tree planting for "the making of eco-friendly library" in March, 2012. Small garden done on the roof named garden "of" ASAHI for mascot character of Asahi Ward. This garden is managed by Asahi library green volunteers. (you can see state of garden from window of reference book corner on the second floor of the library.)

20171009  m-zeraniumu kosumosuk-]kosumosu  a-se-ji 
We transplanted autumn!

We planted autumn flower on October 6. We planted maple leaf geranium cosmos yellow cosmos this year.
Purple amethyst sage is in full bloom.
As you plant bulb of winter flower and tulip in December, please do in fun.

Flower arrangement photo studio

In front of Asahi library counter, work of teachers of flower arrangement instructor of "association of ASAHI simple flower arrangement for a tearoom way" member who is flower arrangement volunteer is arranged. Please enjoy seasonal beautiful flower arrangement.
  i201805-1.jpg   i201805-2.jpg   i201805-3.jpg   i201805-4.jpg                                 

 (than work of May, 2018)  

 You can see work until the last month here

Facility summary

1 establishment date
   May 14, 1986 (Showa 61)

2 building areas
  1,507.80 square meter of steel reinforced concrete construction the second floor

The number of 3 collection of books (as of H28 three a year month)
  132,697 (house, children's book 35,733)

The number of 4 magazines, newspaper titles (as of H28 three a year month)
 (1) 94 magazines
 (2) Ten newspapers

5 reading seats
  (1) The first floor
    Elementary school student seat 16, newspaper, library document reading seat 1 
   (2) The second floor 
    Reading seat 24, newspaper reading seat 2, use of jikomi PC possibility seat 1

The first-floor floor

・Counter (rental / return / registration, consultation)
・Elementary school student library room

[list of separate placement documents]
Reference book / native district document / pocket edition / picture book (英語, foreign language) /
Read picture book / that this is the first time and meets for the first time; show; / picture-story show /
This / child care information / children's book study / magazine suitable for story-telling

・General document corner

Asahi Ward native district document (PDF 393KB) / house map (each Yokohama-shi ward) / pocket edition / teens


Internet terminal two / for four bibliographic search machine / users for user
Terminal one /AED/ for CD-ROM reading
None of the copiers (monochrome 10 yen/piece color 50-80 yen/piece)


Restroom (man, woman, person with a physical disability) / office / meeting reading room / library / meeting room / reuse library

The second-floor floor

・General library room

[list of separate placement documents]
Reference book / native district document / map / large this / University printed book / foreign language book, On Japan
Medical information / information science document / magazine / newspaper / official daily gazette, brochure /
Telephone book (Kanagawa, Tokyo)


One three bibliographic search machine / expansion reading containers for user


Restroom (man, woman)

Library logo