Information for advertisement business

We work on advertisement business positively from 2005 to plan reduction of new finance and budget in Yokohama City Library.

Medium which we are raising now

Advertisement offer NEW in Yokohama City Library building!

 In Yokohama City Library (18 building), you plan thing which you can install in floor at up to around 1 square meter, and please suggest.
 We utilize advertisement and raise plans to lead to reduction, other administrative services improvement of operating cost of library.
 But we utter sound and cannot install thing affecting library administration.
   ・For more details, please see offer essential point (window opens). (PDF1160KB)

Advertisement offer NEW of doorstep!

 We raise companies providing advertisement doorstep on.
   ・For more details, please see offer essential point (window opens). (PDF434KB)

Under advertisement offer offer of picture-story show bag

 We raise companies donating picture-story show bag to Yokohama City Library as sponsor of picture-story show bag.
  ・Picture-story show bag is exclusive bag to use when we rent picture-story show in circulation desk of City Library.
  ・Rental of picture-story show is approximately 100,000 books a year. (the 2017 results)  
  ・Offer guides look at this (window opens) in detail.

Under offer offer of banner insertion to 2018 Web page (online catalog top menu)

  It recruits advertisers publishing banner ad in library Web page.
  ・Page to publish is "online catalog top menu" (3,800,000PV/ month). (in PV the 2017 results)
  ・We are proud of the number of the top-class access in Web page of Yokohama-shi.
  ・For more details, please see offer guidance (window opens).

Under advertisement recruitment of magazine sponsors offer

 We raise companies donating magazine to Yokohama City Library as magazine sponsor. Supporting company-like advertisement notifies to magazines.

   ・We know a lot about offer essential points, and please see this (window opens).

List of advertisement menus

Offer (offer of 2018 was finished.) of insertion to book rental receipt

It recruits advertisers placing advertisement in the surface of book rental receipt.
  ・Book rental receipt is receipt-formed paper which printed deadline for name and return of book to hand to all the one where we borrowed book from.
  ・The number of annual issuance is approximately 3,230,000 pieces in the whole City Library. (the 2016 results)
  ・For more details, please see offer guidance (window opens).

Rental receipt image

We had you offer picture-story show bag

We had you offer exclusive bag to put picture-story show, and to hand to user when we rented picture-story show.
Anyone can take to go easily by putting even big picture-story show of size of a book in the exclusive bag.

Picture-story show bagPicture-story show bag

Picture book introduction brochure for infants made advertising slot for "picture book to enjoy by hug on knee"

Picture book introduction brochure for infants publishes story-telling commentary for protectors and introduction of picture book and children's song for infants in "picture book to enjoy by hug on knee". We serve a part of the print expense by making advertising slot. For advertisement company, it is merit to be able to publicize that we squeezed person of object to distribute distribution to protectors at the time of child medical examination in each Yokohama-shi ward Health and Welfare Center directly mainly for four months.

Picture book introduction brochure "picture book to enjoy by hug on knee" for infants

We received donation of book from company

 Yokohama City Library recruited donation of "150 books which child of Yokohama chose" as present to children of Yokohama and had donation from until now many companies, groups. Thank you very much.
 As thanks that had you donate in library, we put seal with company name on back cover (the inside of book) of donation book and establish sections introducing book which had you donate for a certain period of time and introduce in library. As it recruits company, group which you can donate continuously in the future, I would like cooperation.
We know a lot about company, group who had you donate and offer essential point, and please see this until now.
Honoring seal image

Donation book

We had you offer library calendar

On the back of the annual calendar of library, we place advertisement of company. We receive offer from company and use library calendar which printed advertisement beforehand.

We lay doorstep to City Library 15 building

With City Library 15 building, we laid "doorstep with advertisement" at front entrance from May, 2011. Advertising agency bears all expense to affect setting and serves the expense by advertisement to place in doorstep.
It is useful for beautification improvement of library by changing mat with absorbing dust, water absorption function regularly.

Doorstep image

Brochure LAC establishes "the gate of learning"

Company sets up LAC distributing brochures such as university guidance in library, and library collects setting charges (administrative property fee for use, advertisement charges out of the purpose).
It is installed in library 18 building in the city now. Advertising agency maintains regularly.

Brochure racks such as universities

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We install advertisement panel in wall surface of Chuo-toshokan

We install advertisement panel in wall surface in front of the first floor of the Chuo-toshokan basement learning room, and library collects setting charges (administrative property fee for use, advertisement charges out of the purpose).

Learning room anterior wall side advertisement

We install library information monitor

We install library information monitor with advertisement in Chuo-toshokan, Kanagawa library, 3 building of Midori Library.
We can broadcast news of one of library unless we broadcast advertisement by monitor which there are two.

Information monitor

We publish banner ad

We publish banner ad in "online catalog top menu".
It is 1 frame 20,000 yen.

Online catalog top menu

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