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 "Yokohama's Memory" is digital archive which we search digital image of document about Yokohama or history chart of Yokohama and can read. We collect administrative document and map, ukiyoe print, picture postcard mainly on document about Yokohama.

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onneri and period re-nofuyu

"onneri and period re-nofuyu" cover 

Marjatta Kurenniemi / product
Maija Karma / picture
Gospel building bookstore
November, 2016 issuance
Pages: 179p
We live in onneri and period re-chanha, rose (rose) bystreet only in two. One day, family of very small show LARA, arrival (tazu) lay down in Mrs. rose Nogi (baranokifujin). We decided to have you live in house of doll until we knew the place to stay (ibasho) of wife.
(from the elementary school third and fourth grades of elementary school)

Recommended book of this month
From tta book with atarashikutoshokanni (yes), carry recommended book every month (maitsuki); meet
Reading ndemiyokonna book
It is list of books to recommend to small, junior high students

World sandwich illustrated book
Local recipe that unexpected combination is fun

"World sandwich illustrated book" cover

Masato Sato / work
Truth sentence temple Shinko Corporation
Annual 2017
 From thing recognized as Turkish mackerel sand (barukku Eki plating), feature including rubusuta roll of Boston worldwide, local sandwich of Seoul foods of each land is introduced.
 Are there such ingredients to be in subtitle? There are many things to be surprised at in this. (as for the continuance)

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