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School district special approval school system

Education measure information

  Information for school district special approval school system
... that ... school district elasticity recruits people of attendance at school as part of becoming from school district outside the area

■With school district special approval school system

 In Yokohama-shi, elementary school student student adopts school district system to enter school appointed based on address to live in by school district that the Board of Education establishes. "School district special approval school system" carries out elasticity of school district as part of becoming at the top assuming this school district system from 2005.
 School district special approval school included necessary education level including the basics, the basic acquisition, and there are the results that received school (Pioneer School Yokohama (Pioneer School Yokohama)) practicing new approach and the designation, and it follows, and the Board of Education appoints characteristic by religious awakening or the facility situation from each school from school practicing education that there is.
 Attendance at school to the school district special approval school is detected in case that protector wants to let education be popular to elementary school student student in characteristic that the school district special approval school has truly after having considered about condition of attendance at school including the attending school situation from school district outside the area. (we do not accept change of school which should enter school only for hope of protector.)

※ When we live in school district of school district special approval school, regardless of this system, we can enter by normal procedure.

■Offer guidance of 2017


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