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About Yokohama City Yokohama science frontier high school
Education measure information

 We push forward maintenance in Onocho, Tsurumi-ku for the opening of a school in April, 2009 (Heisei 21) to invite the opening of a port 150th anniversary, the municipal administration 120th anniversary in "technology High School" (tentative name) bringing up human being who utilizes knowledge of tip technology in Yokohama-shi, and plays an active part widely in the world.

With Yokohama science frontier high school
 Through "genuine experience of the field of life sciences and tip technology including nanotechnology," we expand learning that assumed science and mathematics subject important point and are a new type of high school aiming at wearing high scholastic ability that can cope with entrance into a school of higher grade to difficulty university.
 In cooperation with university or research organization of company, we work on practice of new education and assume education reform in all city schools school to lead.

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