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Guidance of Yokohama supporters donation "education environmental enhancement"

With "improvement of education environment" (hometown tax)

 In Yokohama city school, 270,000 children learn.
 School as for the donation that we had from so that it is to thing that education environment of children was enriched more you like ※Articles conjugate for the purchase of this.
 For children carrying the future of Yokohama, do you not support school together?
 ※When you propose contribution, please appoint school in the contribution. Please choose among this Yokohama city school list.

 [please be careful!]
 Site that pretended that we deal with hometown tax in discount is discovered,
 As there are not relations with hometown tax (Yokohama supporters donation) to Yokohama-shi at all, please be careful.

<about contribution applications of 2018 Yokohama supporters donation (hometown tax) end of the year>
Contribution for 2018 is for contribution of from January to December in 2018.
By December 31, we handle thing which contribution application and receipt of money procedure of donation performed completion (they settle an account in the case of plastic credit and are completed) of as contribution for 2018.
Contribution application for 2018 is until Thursday, December 20, 2018.
When you are contributed at the end of the year, please be careful on application day, receipt of money days.

※ About contribution for 2018, please pay after the contribution application within this year in designated financial institutions (as the age last business day may vary according to financial institutions, please be careful).
In addition, about plastic credit, congestion of system is expected at the end of the year, and procedure until settlement completion may take time. Please complete the settlement early with margin at time.
※ When completion day of receipt of money procedure (in the case of plastic credit settlement completion day) is over the date mentioned above, please be careful as you do the handling as contribution for 2019.

Method of contribution

 By sending of contribution application, please apply for contribution.

Application with 1 contribution application
  You download "contribution application", and, after filling out required items, apply by mail or fax, E-mail. 

  Contribution application (Word file)
  Contribution application (PDF file)

   The fourth floor of 2-12, Masagocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kannai station square first building

   Person in charge of City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat secretariat General Affairs Division accounting
 ≪FAX number≫

Payment of contribution

 Please file by payment method chosen with contribution application.

In the case of payment with 1 payment notice
  We send payment notice as soon as we can confirm application for contribution. I would like payment in appointed financial institution (bank, post office).

In the case of payment by credit card using 2 Internet
  We send guidance about plastic credit as soon as we can confirm application for contribution. Based on guidance following; "Yahoo! In public money payment page, we pay, and I would like procedure.
  "Yahoo! public money payment" page

 [precaution of credit card payment]
  When contribution amounts of money exceed less than one 5,000 yen and 1 million yen, it is not available. 
  More than less than 5,000 yen and 1 million yen when wish to contribute, I would like payment with payment notice.
  Available credit card is VISA (visa), MasterCard (Master Card), JCB (Japan Credit Bureau), American Express (American Express), Diners, but know a lot; Yaooo! Please confirm on homepage of public money payment.

Tax credit system of donation

  Donation to local government including Yokohama-shi is subtracted from income tax, individual residence tax to the amount of constant upper limit about part more than amount of application lower limit 2,000 yen in contribution amounts of money.
 For details, please see "Yokohama supporters donation" (subtraction of contribution method and tax).

All of you (only in the one that had you understand publication) who had contribution

Individual, company, group name

Amount of money (Japanese yen)         


Toru Konno 10,000 Copier
Anonymity 500,000 Cushion chair, van vina dining
saori handloom, long light bus
Masaru Morimoto Non-publication Ion meter
Furubayashi Fumi 300,000 AED
Satoru Hayama Non-publication Stairs for gymnasium stage
Shin Ito 10,000 Book
Hidetoshi Ishikawa Non-publication Tablet charge storing storage chamber
Song of candle friend fans society 100,000 Projector, table, book
Anonymity 30,000 Poster printer
Full house product state 2 million Trombones
Goro Suzuki Non-publication Book
Fujishiro Kunitada 500 Digital video camera
Nobuyasu Inamura Non-publication NAS
Yasushi Miyakawa Non-publication Work top
Anonymity 500,000 Projectors
Hiroki Masumura Non-publication  
Takeo Asami Non-publication  
General Japan fishing article industry society 20,000  
PADO Corporation Machida bureau Non-publication  
Teru Onose Non-publication  Elementary school student book
Nagano celebration ability state Non-publication  Basket goal
Kayo Nagano Non-publication  Basket goal
Yokohama MM21 Rotary Club 100,000  
Masaru Morimoto Non-publication  
shakaifuku*hojinryokunarikaiyo Non-publication  
Katsuki Mishima Non-publication  
Yuichiro Uchino Non-publication  
Takushi Yoshimiya  Non-publication  
Song of candle friend fans society   100,000  

Contact information

 ≪Thing about Yokohama supporters donation "education environmental enhancement"≫
   City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat secretariat General Affairs Division
   〒The fourth floor of 231-0016 2-12, Masagocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kannai station square first building
   Tel 045-671-3241 Fax 045-663-5547 E-mail

 ≪Thing about tax credit system of donation≫
   To Tax Division of municipality (in the case of Yokohama-shi each ward office) to live about subtraction of residence tax
   To taxation office about subtraction of income tax nearby

Board of Education Secretariat General Affairs Division - We update on making - December 11, 2018 on April 01, 2017
Opinion, inquiry - - Telephone: 045-671-3241 - FAX: 045-663-5547
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