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2017 attendance at school physical checkup schedule

We carry out physical checkup by the next schedule at attendance at school of 2017. Have the wrong in schedule and time in varying according to school carrying out; please be careful that there is not.

pdf2017 attendance at school physical checkup schedule (file is divided every ward)

  Tsurumi WardKanagawa WardNishi WardNaka WardMinami WardKonan WardHodogaya WardAsahi WardIsogo Ward

  Kanazawa WardKohoku WardMidori WardAoba WardTsuzuki Ward  Totsuka WardSakae WardIzumi WardSeya Ward

pdf2017 attendance at school physical checkup schedule (all the cities version) [227KB] 

※Attention at the time of consultation※
 As a general rule, attendance at school physical checkup is thing having you have a medical examination at school listed in "notice of attendance at school", but circumstances, please talk about cases not to be correct with school listed in "attendance at school notice" early. In addition, "notice of attendance at school" is shipped in about the middle of October by each ward office.
 Please refrain from visit to a school by car of the day of the consultation. In addition, we hope that we have you note that you may need time before the end by progress of physical checkup on the day of the consultation.
  In addition, please refer to each school or healthy Education Section for use or nonuse caused by stormy weather.

Reference: Board of Education health Education Section telephone: 045-671-3275 FAX: 045-681-1456


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Board of Education Secretariat Healthy Education Section - - October 11, 2017 update
It is asked opinion - - Telephone: 045-671-3275 - FAX: 045-681-1456
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