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About PTA activity

What is PTA?

PTA of English
Parent (parent)
Teacher (teacher)
Association (meeting)
We took initial of this. PTA is social education affiliate (any group) which consisted of protector and the staff of a school.


Purpose of PTA

The staff of a school cooperates with protector and is to plan healthy upbringing of children.
For this purpose, we generally perform the next activities.

  • We cooperate so that school administration and school events are carried out smoothly.
  • Because each protector deepens understanding about role and importance of home training, we perform home training class or workshop.
  • In cooperation with school, home, area, we plan improvement, enhancement of education environment in area so that growth and security of child are supported with the "town" whole.


About organization of PTA

PTA is made by each school credit.

Organization varies, and committees to the fact and activity content of each PTA are organized every PTA.


About excellent PTA commendation

According to PTA original purpose, character, it commends PTA achieving the excellent results and is intended that we contribute to healthy upbringing, development of PTA.


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