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School opening business

 With school opening business for school education of trouble have local immediate sports lek military ration, cultural activities local as place use as far as there is not.

 Local all of you and registration group play a key role, and school opening organizes "culture, gym" unlike citizen's use facility and has you run independence autonomously.

What is culture, gym?

 It is the administration main constituent of school in local all of you and registration group opening organized every principle, school by representatives. Registration group bears necessary expense based on the rules of a society of club and performs voluntary autonomous administration.

*School education activity becomes given priority.

*Please observe use rule of each school in the use.

*In administration of school opening, please refer to the following.

pdf"Yokohama-shi school opening business - school facility opening guide ... of running" (Portable Document Format, 534KB)


Reference about school opening relations

Telephone: 671-3278 FAX: 681-1414




 It is necessary to become culture, gym registration group of schools in hope of the use to use school opening. ExcelYou fill in use group registration application (Excel format, 85KB) with required items, and please submit to culture, gym of school to hope for.

 Please refer to direct school for contact information of culture, gym.
 (please refer to the following school opening facility.)

 In addition, available facility and item have limit depending on school.


●It is targeted for the use

 We live in in school district of opening school or neighborhood district and, in group to work at, file for use registration, and club is group which admitted.

*For the purpose of politics, religion, profit cannot use.


●School opening conduct school


Opening facility

Indication of opening day, time

Conduct school

School grounds, gymnasium


From 18:00 to 21:00
Sundays and holidays, long-term holiday
From 9:00 to 21:00

School grounds <nightlight>


From 18:00 to 21:00

Citizen library room

Around two days a week, around two hours a day

List of conduct schools

Special classroom (music rooms)


 ※ In school direct in opening day, time varying according to schools as for the details in each opening facility
   Please refer.

●The provisional use of old school facility


●Nightlight electricity charges

 We have you bear electricity charges suffering from opening (from 18:00 to 21:00) by night of gymnasium and combat sport ground in addition to school grounds from 2008.

Opening facility

Night electricity charges (one hour)


150 yen

Combat sport ground

50 yen

School grounds

700 yen


●School opening reservation management system (nakamanabi)

 School opening reservation management system of convenience improvement and club of user of school opening became independent, and introduced for the purpose of support and burden on staff of school reduction. By reservation management system, calculation of use reservation and night opening electricity charges, count of the use results of registration group can perform statistics processing, too.

*Registration to each school culture, gym is necessary for reservation.

*Anyone can inquire about the use situation.

*For more details, please refer to guide (Portable Document Format, 292KB) of the pdfuse.

School opening reservation management system (nakamanabi)

 ■Screen operation method (targeted for the use: school, culture, gym) for manager 

1 Access method (Portable Document Format, 722KB) to screen for manager
2 Schedule setting (Portable Document Format, 377KB)
3 The storing details, schedule confirmation (Portable Document Format, 510KB) of manager function
4 Outputting method (Portable Document Format, 398KB) of the use of group details
5 Print method (Portable Document Format, 335KB) of manager function

 ※About Web accessibility policy of school opening reservation management system

Local contribution business that culture Sports Club performs


 Based on shokokoyowaishakai, plan promotion of activity so that local, more people can fix child and interchange of adult through multi-item for area, sports experience and cultural activities corresponding to the multi-generation as gathering local lifelong learning base at imminent school, and reproduction, child of area community are healthy; is raised, and is intended that contribute.


●Business outline

 The following business to perform using school facility which culture, sports club hosts.

■Local contribution activity business with culture, gym

 Voluntary business for inhabitants whom anyone local can participate in

 For example, sports classroom of each item by registration groups or culture classroom

 *For culture sports club performing the business mentioned above, we issue cause subsidy of constant condition.

  For more details, please refer to guides (Portable Document Format, 962KB) such as PDFlocal contribution business subsidy application


School opening business relations style

Collection of school opening business relations styles


Examination of the way of school opening

 School in Yokohama-shi opening business had proposal about the way of business that we accorded with than "Yokohama-shi school opening way Exploratory Committee" based on diversification such as social environmental big change, citizen's sense of values, area needs in times in the future in December, 2006 from business start after neighborhood for half a century.

 Based on the above-mentioned proposal, we will make administrative body of school opening club in school in all wards by 2010.

Yokohama-shi school opening way Exploratory Committee, proposal


Reference about school opening relations

Telephone: 671-3278 FAX: 681-1414


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