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Lifelong learning mascot "manabii"

Information for social movement, lifelong learning support center

 Which "we want to begin something" installs "social movement, lifelong learning support center" in Yokohama-shi to support lifelong learning of to "want to be active with more people in various ways". Counselor supports "lifelong learning" of everybody through learning reporting, learning consultation. Figure of center image 

Offer of learning information

 We utilize lifelong learning information system and provide information necessary to push forward learning such as contents and offer method of course, place or usage of facility. In addition, we pick up flyer and information paper and can see.

Kind of main learning information offering

Course, event Information such as course, lecture, event to carry out in city or ward, private enterprise
Facility, place Information such as district center, community house, library, sports facility
Source of information Information of Specialized Agencies such as international exchange, gender equality, child care, the welfare, culture
Group, group Information such as learning group in the city or volunteer group
Lecturer, volunteer Information such as leader, lecturer or human resources bank registrant about lifelong learning
The teaching materials, machine parts Information of the teaching materials and machine parts to use for course and lecture, learning society
Qualification Information such as national qualifications
Learning contents, plan, result Information such as technique and method of learning, announcement method of result

Learning consultation

 Counselor thinks about questions on pushing forward group activity and learning activity with you and advises learning plan or method.

Consultation example

Rental of learning machine parts

 We rent machine parts necessary for learning activity including toy for wireless amplifier and microphone, projector and slide projector, childcare. In addition, you can use press for the making of flyer.
●As use registration is necessary, take thing which can identify name or address including driver's license.
※About detailed usage, please ask each support center.

Interchange corner

 There are meeting tables. Even if even one is with friend, it is available. Please use meeting table for meeting or light work.
※About detailed usage, please ask each support center.

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