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Of "child adventure 2018"
We raise programs!

Yokohama whole adventure corps! Encounter ... with work, person who is ... color color

About child adventure

 Also, we get cooperation such as university, public institution including private enterprise, group using period in summer vacation to talk about dream of child in parent and child through these experiences, and to plan "the making of opportunity of contact of parent and child" and hold every year to provide place and opportunity of "interchange with person" through "working" from viewpoint of career education and various social experiences targeting at the small, junior high students in the city.


Thursday, August 16, 2018, two days of 17th (Fri)

Program offer time limit

The Wednesday, March 28, 2018 deadline

Application method

 After checking "child adventure 2018 conduct summary" and "child adventure 2018" program offer essential point, apply by electronic application system than URL listed in program offer essential point.

"Child adventure 2018" conduct summary [PDF: 254KB]

"Child adventure 2018" program offer essential point [PDF: 818KB]

Attached sheet application form sample (cannot apply from this) [PDF: 636KB]

Reference materials (last year held result)

 With "child adventure 2017 of last year," they could carry out 79 programs, and primary and secondary student which participated in program and protector were very prosperous with a total of 14,581 personality, each program.

Child adventure 2017 program flyer [PDF: 8,029KB] 

Child adventure 2017 conduct report [PDF: 397KB]

Child adventure 2017 state of implementation (for all programs) [PDF: 20,232KB]
※You can see state of implementation of each program individually when we click program name of the following list.
※On the day we participate, and 1-25 programs, and 26-79 is prior application (lottery) program.

<list of programs>
No.Program nameNo.Program name
1 Elephant building backyard tour 41 Let's know work of vehicle base
2 Izumi Ward government office opening day 42 Let's sense the back of museum bodily
3 Fire raising experience classroom 43 Let's see garbage destruction by fire close
4 Let's learn about dog and cat! 44 We challenge the making of chair of hinoki!
5 We will dig remains of a dugout 45 Let's challenge mystery of science and number
6 Let's learn the making of house! 46 The whereabouts exploration of garbage, recyclable garbage
7 We play in the summer in play park! 47 Let's experience firefighting of the sea!
8 Let's make original newspaper! 48 Child pharmacist experience seminar
9 Let's explore City Counsil assembly hall! 49 Let's draw cat in story!
10 We experience art together 50 Weather fair 2017
11 Let's know tax! 51 Hospitality experience of marriage ceremonial hall
12 Will it be wonder of garbage? 52 Let's make mini-museum!
13 We will measure! 53 Child tea party
14 Building which is kind to all 54 I am curator, too! We arrange map
15 Doshi-mura and Showa-mura actually! 55 Experience! Daily city designer
16 Let's know environment of Yokohama! 56 Daily whole museum
17 We challenge construction construction 57 We make top, and let's face
18 Neighborhood Associations which is wound ★Summer festival 58 Experience! Feeling is judge!
19 Let's experience inspection of the customs! 59 Aim and master charm!
20 It is Times lip with karuta! 60 Summer vacation child trade lesson
21 Gas pipe work which resists earthquake! 61 Kids money school
22 We experience modern art in parent and child! 62 Together one production experience
23 Let's know day in charge of breeding! 63 Dispatch! We wait, and sputum feels lazy!
24 We will repair water pipe 64 Let's feel weight of money!
25 midorinkizzu experience day 65 Koganecho art report!
26 Firefighting experience private supplementary school green leaves in Nippon Sport Science Univ. 66 It is wakuwaku experience DAY in families
27 Let's explore garbage destruction by fire factory 67 We experience the world of railroad model!
28 Kids boiled boiled fire station experience-based private supplementary school 68 Let's know iro doru structure♪
29 The backside exploration of the Hall of Science! 69 Minatomirai Station work experience
30 Let's aim at railroad doctor! 70 Bank expeditionary party which is boiled which is boiled!
31 Institute for disaster prevention of firefighting doctor 71 Chuo-toshokan tanken tour
32 Let's experience maintenance of car! 72 Rapid slope workshop
33 Gather! Coating experience of wall! 73 It is otsukurou bamboo suddenly!
34 The parent and child cooking class & market exploration 74 Construction site experience of northwest line
35 Let's look in the future of Kanazawahakkei 75 Mac adventure
36 We know the world of the elderly 76 Sandwiches classroom
37 Driving experience of garbage destruction by fire! 77 Experience that works of dietician
38 wakuwaku ☆The vehicle base exploration 78 It is anti-crime program workshop in parent and child
39 Experience that is real by Konan engineering works! 79 Creature expeditionary party in flood prevention reservoir
40 wakuwaku experience that works of the welfare    



Board of Education Secretariat lifelong learning cultural assets section child adventure charge
Telephone: 045-671-3283 (from 8:45 except holiday, holiday on weekdays to 17:15)
FAX: 045-224-5863


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