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Event executive committee commemorative in Yokohama-shi "Coming-of-Age Day"

Recruitment of members of the executive committee essential point

 We celebrate and, in Yokohama-shi, encourage citizen who reached "Coming-of-Age Day", and memory event holds "gathering to celebrate" "Coming-of-Age Day" for the purpose of promoting awareness of becoming adult.
 Please be active as member of sponsor to realize this holding purpose to member of the executive committee.
 ※Because it is volunteer activity, there is no payment of activity expenses basically.

 ※We announce full name, age, township of member of the executive committee and occupation (student, office worker) in news media.                             
                     ●PDF version of recruitment of members of the executive committee essential point [430KB] is this

■Application condition

   ※Meeting and committee activity, please confirm "executive committee activity is detailed".

■The offer number of people

 Around ten people

 ※In the case of a lot of applicants, it is decided by lot.

  About result, I will inform by E-mail by Friday, April 26.

■Application period

 From Tuesday, March 19, 2019 to Friday, April 19 ※Deadline strict observance※


■Application method

 You input required items (※) into exclusive application form, and please transmit. 
 Please access application form from any of the following.   


※Required items 
 1 zip code, address

 2 full names, furigana

 3 date of birth

 4 cell-phone numbers (phone number or to get through for from 8:45 to 17:15 on weekdays)

 E-mail address of 5 cell-phones

 E-mail address (address that we can transmit and receive of document, data) of 6 PCs

 7 occupations (student, office worker)

 8 choice motives, self-PR (120-150 characters)

 Theme plan of 9 coming-of-age ceremonies and the reason


 City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat secretariat lifelong learning cultural assets section "coming-of-age ceremony charge"


 Telephone: 045-671-3283 (weekdays from 8:45 to 17:15) FAX: 045-224-5863  



Executive committee activity is detailed

■Meeting (plan)


■Activity contents

1 prior activity

  We make talks, production thing about basic way of thinking (concept) or theme, plan when executive committee moves into action.   
       Look at the practice commission plan crops in reference to [PDF: 525KB] in 2019.

 (1) Theme making of coming-of-age ceremony

 (2) Making of theme accompaniment sentence (poem)

 (3) Production of memory booklet (A6 size) to distribute by coming-of-age ceremony

 (4) Other production thing (up to idea of everybody!)

Activity about the day of 2

  On the day of the coming-of-age ceremony, we plan roles such as host progress of ceremony. In addition, we perform preparations or exercise of that purpose.

  [role (2019 reference)]
   Host progress, announcement, oath of new adult, committee activity introduction, guest talk

 (1) Each role contents examination, manuscript making

 (2) Readthrough alignment, role exercise

 (3) Day before rehearsal

 (4) Public performance

 (5) Prior recording of announcement (instructions) to broadcast on the day of the coming-of-age ceremony     

 (6) It supports coverage such as media                                           

Activity of 3 follow-up

  Of executive committee activity look back, and perform summary.

 (1) Look back; questionnaire

 (2) Reflection society

■Schedule (plan)


  Main contents

 Thursday, May 16

 ・We decide role, and orientation, chairperson makes theme

 From May 28 to June

 ・Theme accompaniment sentence (poem) making 

 ・Image examination, determination of commemorative booklet cover and poem page

 ・Commemorative decision of booklet plan page contents decision, other production thing

 From July to the middle of September

 ・Commemorative booklet (cover, poem page, plan page) manuscript making 

 ・Other production thing making 

 ※We submit the first article to the secretariat in the middle of September

 The late September and late October

 ・Manuscript correction, manuscript finish

 ※We submit the last article to the secretariat in the middle of October

 ・Proofreading of block copy manuscript of printer

 From the end of October to January

 ・Each role contents examination, manuscript making, readthrough alignment

 ・Each role exercise, announcement prior recording

 Sunday, January 12

 From 14:00 to 19:00

 ・Day before rehearsal (Yokohama Arena)

 January 13 Monday (holiday)

 From 8:00 to 16:00

 ・Rehearsal on that day and public performance (Yokohama Arena)

 ※On the day of the coming-of-age ceremony, please do work as sponsor  
   We went to meet new adult (friend) of the node public and went out

 From January to February

  ・Look back; questionnaire, reflection society

Message from 2019 member of the executive committee

11 members of the executive committee were active in 2019.
Everybody gave message for member of the executive committee to.

 Meeting scenery   
<< meeting scenery >>

  • There is sometimes good balance with studies, and committee activities from May to coming-of-age ceremony think that you may be serious, but please make wonderful expression as you think that it is experience that there is only once in the life! We think that there is thing provided through activity of committee a lot. As you think that it is valuable experience to be able to be concerned with plan, administration of coming-of-age ceremony of Yokohama-shi of biggest in Japan scale, you are proud, and please do your best.
  • It will be administration and the preparation for big event that it can rarely experience from now on that everybody gets along. We will do many preparations for coming-of-age ceremony from now on. Surely I think, "member of the executive committee was enough" when we have finished doing all!
    But we do not go well, and coexistence such as studies may become great. Please talk with same member of the executive committee member and secretariat in such a case without being troubled alone! It is member who feels, and gathered who says to make coming-of-age ceremony better expression. He/she helps by all means!
    As much as we make an effort, we can make good thing by all means. I think that on the day coming-of-age ceremony is saying "member of the executive committee whom it had good to do the best was enough".
  • We made friends with not only thought that it was said to make coming-of-age ceremony a good one in cooperating with everybody of member of the executive committee to make wonderful coming-of-age ceremony, sometimes clashing but also life. Own future motivation goes in particular up when surrounded by children of the same age with will to participate in such a committee meeting
  • At a loss person should certainly do it. There is not such a chance anymore. Of course there is no guarantee to go all well. But it becomes memory that is all good, too. I think that Yokohama citizen was all right; can be active.