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Gathering (coming-of-age ceremony) to celebrate "Coming-of-Age Day"

State of gathering to celebrate "Coming-of-Age Day" in 2018

 We held in Yokohama Arena on Monday (holiday) on January 8, 2018. 23,640 new adults equal to 63.9% of 36,995 target people arrived.

The opening of a meeting
National anthem unison
Mayor greetings
The Mayor of Fumiko Hayashi Yokohama
Congratulatory address

The MATSUMOTO Ken Yokohama City Council chairperson (the second)

MORI Toshiaki Yokohama City Council vice-president (the first)
Oath of new adult

shinnarijindaihyokichinaretama々 (the first)

New adult representative Yuki Takahashi (the second)
Executive committee introduction

 We reported activity of memory event executive committee in Yokohama-shi "Coming-of-Age Day" when we were active for theme decision of ceremony, nine months including making of commemorative booklet.

Message to new adult

 Ale from actress, voice actor, Rika Matsumoto of singer to new adult was given.
 Content of message (Portable Document Format, 74KB)

Song of city unison

Event member of the executive committee commemorative in 2018 in Yokohama-shi "Coming-of-Age Day"