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Bus, subway

Municipal bus

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Municipal subway

Blue line Green Line

  • Route map, timetable
  • Fare, fixed period, the time required

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Introduction of subway vehicle

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Municipal subway information contents

The blue line service situation

The Green Line service situation

Under high speed driving

Usually passenger fare table

 (Portable Document Format: 85KB)

Periodical passenger fare table

 (Portable Document Format: 82KB)

Necessary schedule

 (Portable Document Format: 221KB)

Business distance in kilometers list

 (Portable Document Format: 77KB)

Fare, working kilometer table

Decoration train scheduling planned timetable of the tenth anniversary of 3000V form, Green Line

We are going to operate decoration train of the tenth anniversary of 3000V form and Green Line and publish timetable.

Special train service planned timetable

Commuter pass release window

Place, business day of commuter pass release window. At time, we guide about handling ticket class, the handling, phone number of refund.

Commuter pass release window

News of temporary train

Service plan of temporary train
We tell.


News of temporary train

Bus, subway 50 yen 110 yen

As for the off period, as for the bus, as for 50 yen, the subway, it is to 110 yen children fare for long term including summer vacation. Please see this during conduct periods.

Bus, subway 50 yen 100 yen

It is station kon faintly

We give a concert in the station yard. As for the held plan, please see this.


It is station kon faintly

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Inquiry about city bus, subway to "Yokohama-shi call center"
TEL 045-664-2525 FAX 045-664-2828


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