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About the site use

Link policy

When we link to our site, it is not necessary to get consent.
Please do description that link is identified as "City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau" if possible.
In addition, it is top page
Please note that page except http://translate-en.city.yokohama.lg.jp/koutuu/ may change URLs without notice.

In addition, about contents of origin of link and group, the authorities shall not take any responsibility. In addition, contents of the site belong to managers of the site and shall have nothing to do with the authorities.

Copyright Policy

We cannot do use beyond private use of user individual establishing in Copyright Act in any method without rights such as copyrights of our site (information recorded in less than http://translate-en.city.yokohama.lg.jp/koutuu/) being in the authorities, and getting consent. (the use with link is excluded)

About disclaimers

The authorities can do change, addition of some or all of contents and the abolition without doing prior notice to user regardless of reason. But we shall announce through means that the authorities provide beforehand when we abolish all.

You pay various attention about information to place in our site and publish, but please note that guarantees such as integrity, accuracy, certainty, usefulness about the information cannot be due. In addition, about the damage of user who occurred in conjunction with offer, delay, change, cancellation of information that we went to on our site or the abolition, the authorities do not take responsibility for all.

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Inquiry about city bus, subway to "Yokohama-shi call center"
TEL 045-664-2525 FAX 045-664-2828


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