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Message from employment information adoption charge

Job Opportunities
It is message from City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau adoption charge.
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Message from adoption charge

 As for we City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau, security acts as "Yokohama municipal subway" "Yokohama municipal bus" which is main means of transportation of international city, Yokohama every day so that customer is satisfied as certain "foot of citizen's" to run comfortably.
 Bus crew, bus maintenance man, the subway transportation staff, subway maintenance technical person supports safe service of city bus, subway in battle front and is extremely high occupation of various contribution to society degree serving to use to customer comfortably.
 We feel pride and a sense of responsibility for transportation project called bus, subway without forgetting consciousness to engage in service industry and look forward to your application that can embody for business sentiment and "City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau management philosophy" with challenge mind not to be kept on frame of "public employee".

City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau management philosophy

Our determination

 We raise management so that we provide safe certain comfortable transportation service as foot of citizen's all of you, and customer is satisfied and wrestle for sustained improvement.
1.We have security awareness highly and give top priority to ensuring safety. 2.We value voice of customer. 3.With smile, we always carry out greetings strictly. 4.We act justly and faithfully. 5.We clarify problem and always challenge.

Our message

City bus, subway which carries trust for heart

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