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Employment information Q&A

Job Opportunities
About staff adoption of City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau, we publish common inquiry content.
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About adoption selection

1.Where do you get offer information?

 We will tell in employment information of Transportation Bureau homepage. In addition, we announce by advertising poster of municipal bus, municipal subway, poster at Yokohama City Hall, each ward office, electric light notice guidance of the municipal subway inside of car.

2.Please tell application method.

 You have you obtain examination guidance and entry sheet (thing of authorities designation), and you add and required documents to appoint by examination guidance, and please mail to entry sheet by simple registered mail after filling out required items. On application, please read application method listing in examination guidance by all means well (as you cannot accept when it is applied by method except case and designation that there are defects in documents, please be careful).

3.Where is examination guidance available?

 We distribute at the following places.
 Municipal subway each station office, each municipal bus office, each city ward office (Public Relations Section), commuter pass release place (in front of Yokohama Station East Exit, JR Isogo station square, JR Nakayama station square, JR Tsurumi Station East Exit, JR Yokodai station square, Wakabadai bus terminal) customer Service Center (Centerminami, Shin-Yokohama, Yokohama, Kamiooka), citizen's information center (the Yokohama City Hall), service counter in the city hall, Transportation Bureau personnel department (the seventh floor of Hanasaki, Yokohama building)

4.What has eligibility requirements for an examination?

 By the type of job, it determines the following eligibility requirements for an examination. For more details, please confirm by examination guidance.

Item Bus crew Bus crew
(training frame)
Bus maintenance man Subway
The transportation staff
Maintenance technical person
Age 21-49 years old 21-35 years old 18-35 years old 18-30 years old 18-35 years old
Eyesight See nude with both eyes; or corrected eyesight more than 1.0
(about the subway transportation staff based on "departmental order about powered vehicle vehicle driver driver's license")
Sense of color
Normal thing
License Large-sized car
Second-class driver's license
Large-sized car
Of second-class driver's license
Eligibility requirements for an examination
There is
The second grade car
Mechanic license
(except two)

※As a general rule, age is at scheduled adoption date
※The details about bus crew [training frame] refer to next clause 5

5.We usually have only license, can selection of bus crew take an exam?

 Person that large-sized car second-class driver's license is not possessed can take an entrance examination for bus crew [training frame] if we meet the following eligibility requirements for an examination. (eligibility requirements for an examination, please identify examination guide distributing at the time of offer start by all means)
 After the second selection pass, we go to training school while carrying out bus offices as temporary worker and can acquire large-sized car second-class driver's license (we support the total amount of qualification expense. ※ But examination fee, license grant fee self-pay).
  We acquire large-sized car second-class driver's license, and person who passed the third selection is employed as the regular staff.  

・Age: 21 years old - 35 years old
・As of application day, there are eligibility requirements for an examination of large-sized car second-class driver's license
※In fact receiving large size, medium size, either usually large special car license, and the license careers (license outage is excluded.) being more than for three years (as for the thing establishing in government ordinance two years) in total.
・Vision by the naked eye or corrected eyesight being more than 1.0 with both eyes
・Traffic violation accumulation score being less than 2
・The past five years not having license stop
※When license stop or violation score becomes more than 3, we shall lose eligibility requirements for an examination at that point during selection period.


6.What kind of problem makes questions for the first selection (basic education examination)?

 Questions range is society, the humanities and something about everything about nature, sentence understanding, judgment inference, numerical inference, document interpretation. We cannot answer about degree of difficulty. (questions range, please confirm examination guidance by all means.)


7.Is there advantage, disadvantage by sex?

 In all types of job, we carry out selection regardless of sex fairly.

About after adoption

1.After the adoption, does social position become public employee?

 It becomes general office work of local public service worker after the adoption and becomes social position of so-called "public employee".
 "Duties concentration of mind duty" "observance such as laws and ordinances" "duty according to order in duties" "prohibition of trust loss act" "duty to protect secret that we were able to know in duties" is imposed by the local public service worker method, and view on high ethic is demanded.

2.Is there personnel affairs interchange with other workplaces (mayor bureaus) of Yokohama City Hall?

 As a general rule, there is no personnel affairs interchange with bureau except Transportation Bureau. We will have you work in Transportation Bureau to Retirement.

3.How much is starting salary?

 In the case of age 21 years old, starting salary of (there is no graduation from high school, past record) is 170,636 yen (salary and area allowance). When there is (bus crew: large-sized car second-class driver's license, bus maintenance man: second class automotive internist license) during attendance at school period in duty career with same profession class and university, junior college, higher vocational school or license possession period, we are added to this sum based on ratio that is constant as past record. But the addition with past record sets a ceiling of 60 months (for five years), and, as for the starting salary, 206,132 yen (salary and area allowance) becomes the upper limit regardless of age, experience.
 In addition, depending on each situation, commutation allowance, house allowance, dependency allowance are paid. In addition, we stop at the place to establish when official regulations revisions are carried out before adoption.

4.What kind of contents is the training?

 Please receive the training after the adoption in training facility (ability development center) of the authorities.
 At first we have you learn about approaches to business condition and security of necessary knowledge and Transportation Bureau as local public service worker including the local public service worker method, local public corporation act, and specialized curriculum which accepted the type of job afterwards is crossed. We will have duty include as the full-fledged staff if we complete the training safely.

5.What is conditioning adoption?

 In the case of local public service worker, adoption of the staff is considered to be "thing of conditioning". During the period, we are considered to be principle six months, but extension until one year is accepted.
 This system is established, "truly we do not know whether you can work if we do not let you actually do it". By the duty situation of a fixed period of time, we are going to perform the ability proof, and correspond in "term of trial" to say in private enterprise.
 Because it is not official adoption, during this period, it is said that we can dispose of dismissal or koninto against intention of the staff anytime.

6.Please tell about contents of work.

 Please see "introduction of duties" published in page every type of job.

7.Can you appoint assignment?

 As a general rule, "bus crew," as for "the bus maintenance man," as for office of municipal bus, "the subway transportation staff," subway each station, "subway maintenance technical person" become assignment in maintenance management place (subway vehicle base). We appoint assignment here.

8.What kind of carrier does it become after the adoption?

(1) Bus crew

 After the adoption, one worked for as bus crew until retirement at the age limit is almost in road appointed by post of responsibility (sales's director, vice-director, education instruction chief) through office people in charge (the deputy mayor, marshaling charge, management charge) if we pass selection in station.

(2) Bus maintenance man

 Please work as bus maintenance man from adoption for a certain period of time, but there is road appointed by responsibility job (vehicle maintenance chiefs) through maintenance people in charge by experience or the duty results afterwards.

(3) The subway transportation staff

 We have you work as member of station service from adoption for a certain period of time, and one that passed selection in station is appointed after the training (approximately ten months) to acquire "powered vehicle vehicle driver driver's license" which is national qualification to driver subway.
 About one where subway driver was served for a certain period of time, we are appointed by the deputy mayor such as station and boarding management places if we pass selection in station again, and there is road appointed afterwards by post of responsibility (boarding management director, general commander director, stationmaster at district).

(4) Subway maintenance technical person

 Please engage in maintenance check duties of subway facilities (facility, electricity, vehicle) as member of maintenance man from adoption for a certain period of time. We are appointed by the maintenance management place deputy mayor when we pass selection in station, and there is road appointed by responsibility job (Director General) afterwards.

9.Is there attendance on overtime work and legal holiday?

 It is various, but attendance occurs in sudden vacation or case that absence produced by the type of job and position on overtime work and legal holiday as it is the rotation workplace basically.

10. Please tell about vacation.

 We are given annual vacation for 20 days a year (the grant days change depending on the moon adopted in the case of adoption on the way in the year). In addition, there is compassionate leave such as marriage leave, maternity leave, monthly period vacation, going into mourning vacation.

11. Is there staff house?

 There are none.

12. Does even woman work in peace?

 It is bus crew, the subway transportation staff, subway maintenance technical person that woman is registered, but is having you work like man now.
 In addition, it is staff of subway transportation and subway maintenance technical person that there is duty that accommodation of woman is accompanied by, but fixes facilities such as bedrooms of locker room, bathroom which can lock each workplace and private room.

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