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Employment information bus crew employment information

Job Opportunities
 Bus crew       Bus crew (training frame)
  It is page about adoption of bus crew.

  It recruits bus crew, bus crews [training frame] four times a year!

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Bus crew training frame  
  [targeted for two kinds of large licenses non-acquisitor]
  ※ Under offer!  

  ※ It is adoption system that can acquire two kinds of large licenses while carrying out bus offices!
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Bus crew  
  ※ Under offer!
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Duties introduction of bus crew

 We engage in boarding (driving, service) such as general carryalls.
 They stay early morning, the middle of the night, and there is duty, and working hours are different every day. It becomes premise to be able to leave the house for office in Yokohama-shi by 5:20 a.m.
 On legal holiday, it is day when we appointed regardless of Saturday and Sunday.



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General Affairs Department personnel department update day June 12, 2018

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