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[bus tour] Yokohama marathon 2017 course preliminary inspection tour


<Yokohama marathon Organizing Committee secretariat tie-up plan>

City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau cooperation society sponsorship "Yokohama marathon 2017" course preliminary inspection tour 

Let's master course of full marathon in ... person tip of a foot! ...

Volunteer guide thoroughly comments on course of full marathon!
Does person whom running person supports not perform "preliminary inspection" of course before public performance?

Departure Date
Friday, October 27, 2017 one flight 10:00~12:30
                The second flight 14:00~16:30

Saturday, October 28, 2017 three flights 10:00~12:30
                The fourth flight 14:00~16:30

 Adult, child 2,500 yen

 Akarengasoko (we gather ten minutes ago)


We run course of full marathon along the regular route from start to goal.

※We lead to run route on the day as much as possible, but there is point that is different from run route on the day of the marathon event partly to become pre-run on the Road Traffic Act observance. In addition, Honmoku-Futo D breakwater cannot run even bus tour now for no-go area. After understanding, we hope that we have you apply beforehand.

[program in the car]
Volunteer guide thoroughly comments on course!
(place, place of barrier and time for water station, characteristic (difference in elevation of course, road reverse run), point, run course to run the whole distance)

45 people

[application method]
You can apply from homepage of City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau cooperation society.

●Volunteer guide comments on course.
●Tour conductor does local guidance.
●Reception desk: From one person
●Meal: None
●When it does not reach 35 people of minimum passenger count, it should be running cancellation.

The details about bus tour,
You can confirm in web page of "City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau cooperation society".

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