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Person planning business of effectively utilizing decided Nippa vehicle base!

Press release document
December 22, 2016
Headquarters for Promotion of Transportation Bureau business business Development Section

 Person planning business of effectively utilizing decided Nippa vehicle base!


 And, about the third-floor (the roof), effectively utilizing, there is suggestion of person of 2, and Yokohama municipal subway Nippa vehicle base the first floor underpass which carried out development company open call for participants from March, 2016 will tell about BIC rise as it was decided with person planning business.

About person planning 1 business

     BIC rise (1-16, Kakinokidai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi)

     It is company presenting stores such as food supermarket "food building green leaves" mainly composed of perishables around the Yokohama city.

About suggestion of person planning 2 business


Business summary

New establishments such as distribution center, sports facility

Facility summary

The first-floor underpass: Distribution center approximately 10,770m2

The third floor (the roof): Sports facility approximately 8,316m2

        Restaurant cafe, Marchais open space approximately 1,470m2

        Roof park approximately 1,500m2

We are going to open

The end of April, 2018 ※We may be changed on account of the construction.

Loan method

(loan planned period)

We plan periodical building lease contract (30 years)

※As a general rule, we are going to make a contract in future within one year from the next day of person planning business decision while pushing forward discussion and procedures such as basic plan, design.

Monthly basis wage charges

130 yen/m2 ※Minimum suggestion wage charges 115 yen/m2 in offer essential point


3 press release documents

     As for the details, please see this. pdf (396KB) 



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Headquarters for Promotion of business business Development Section update day December 23, 2016

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