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Information for traffic advertisement managed by Yokohama-shi

Characteristic of municipal traffic advertisement

Traffic to tie "town and person" of Yokohama to managed by Yokohama-shi

 Yokohama municipal subway, Yokohama municipal bus is means of transportation to cover all Yokohama city limits that 1 million customers a day use. One of four people of Yokohama citizen will use by commuting and attending school, shopping every day really. 60% of soon periodical use. It may be said that municipal traffic advertisement to see is the repetition solicitation-related expensive media every day.

Characteristic of Yokohama municipal subway

 On blue line and 2 lines of Green Line, we are connected to JR Line, Tokyu Line, other companies 11 line including Keikyu Line. Including Yokohama center, good access in Tokyo is attractive, too.

Characteristic of Yokohama municipal bus

 Service area covers about half of city limits to suburban residential area around seaside part and downtown area of Yokohama. We play a big role to make up for railway network.

 You can see more detailed information including characteristic every area in "traffic advertising media guides managed by Yokohama-shi".

Introduction of advertising media

 You put together during use and notice period and, from PR concentrated for a short term to constant classified advertisement, can choose the media.

Subway car card
We move to page of each medium when we click figure.

Detailed information for advertisement

You can see advertising media, rate in "traffic advertising media guides managed by Yokohama-shi" in detail.

Traffic advertising media guide (Portable Document Format, 5.68MB) managed by Yokohama-shi

Application, inquiry

We accept advertisement notice in each next advertising agency.

List of City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau advertisement handling agencies (HTML form)

Business Development Section advertisement charge TEL 045-326-3848

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