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Transportation Bureau organization list (as of April 1, 2015)

Yokohama-shi transportation project manager Kaga straight male

General Affairs Department
General Affairs Division
General-Management Planning Division
Personnel department
Ability development center
Safe Administration Department
Safety management section
Headquarters for Promotion of business
Business Development Section
Business, sightseeing Planning Division
The high-speed railway headquarters
Sales department
Driving section
General commander place
Station service management place
Kaminagaya boarding management place
Nippa boarding management place
Kawawa boarding management place
The car headquarters
Sales department
Line Planning Division
Transport Section
Hodogaya Office
Wakabadai Office
Sengencho Office
Takigashira Office
Honmoku Office
Konan Office
Kohoku Office
Tsurumi Office
Technical Administration Department
Vehicle section
Electric section
Kaminagaya maintenance management place
Nippa maintenance management place
Kawawa maintenance management place
Engineering works part   
Facility section
Building Control Section
Construction improvement section
Shin-Yokohama construction office

 City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau public welfare society

Associated group

City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau cooperation society
Yokohama transportation development

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General Affairs Department personnel department update day April 10, 2015

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