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It is ... to tourist attraction classic by red bus that - retro which the number of is how many is like tourist attraction tour bus dirt

  It is route bus operating Yokohama bay area which can enjoy two faces of "new Yokohama" around Minato Mirai area colored by "good old Yokohama" where Sakuragicho Station is represented in the starting point by modern architecture or port after the Meiji period and modern city planning.
 By retro-like red bus reflecting the image of streetcar, let's enjoy sightseeing in Yokohama!

    ※Please refer to "visiting Yokohama trip [leaflet] (PDF: 2.73MB) for the details aimlessly".

    the leaflet(English) (PDF: 3.11MB)

    the leaflet(Simplified Chinese) (PDF: 4.53MB)

    the leaflet(Traditional Chinese) (PDF: 3.81MB)

    the leaflet(Korean) (PDF: 4.22MB)

    the leaflet(Thai) (PDF: 4.70MB)


  ● Once adult: Cash = 220 yen, IC = 216 yen / children: Cash = 110 yen, IC = 108 yen

  Yokohama bay area whole-day pass "all and aimlessly ticket,"
  You can ride unlimitedly whole day for 500 yen for adults, children 250 yen!

  ※ You cannot use commuter pass, welfare pass, respect for the old pass.


As for every red shoes, it is the service platform Sakuragicho Station fourth on day

 ※Please be careful about stop stops every route. ※It may travel by general vehicle except brochure publication vehicle.

It is transfer map image aimlessly

●PDF image (219KB) of transfer map is this

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Headquarters for Promotion of business business, sightseeing Planning Division update day March 23, 2018

Inquiry about city bus, subway to "Yokohama-shi call center"
TEL 045-664-2525 FAX 045-664-2828


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