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We see the sights of Yokohama by traffic managed by Yokohama-shi

Using Yokohama municipal bus, subway, let's enjoy sightseeing in Yokohama! It is this to be convenient for sightseeing in Yokohama!

Sightseeing in Yokohama recommended course

Image Recommendation of the station staff! Sightseeing in Yokohama that "ticket is wide with all aimlessly" and goes round.
Image The station staff did local coverage, and "girl edition" made recommended course of 2 patterns of "family".
  ●Women's trip ●Family
  Women's trip Family
Image As for the details, please see "flyer girl edition (PDF: 1.19MB), family" (PDF: 1.15MB)

How many title dirt
Image To tourist attraction classic by retro-like red bus! Red shoes
Picture of red shoes bus
Image It travels every day from Sakuragicho Station!
  ●We go round Minato Mirai districts ●We go round Chinatown, Motomachi districts
  M route C route
Image As for the details, please see page of red shoes.

It is sightseeing SAN line title aimlessly
Image By cute lapping, we know the destination at first sight!
Image It is convenient for san*en, Akarengasoko, access to Nogeyama Zoo!
  It is san*en bus aimlessly It is red brick bus aimlessly It is Nogeyama Zoo bus aimlessly
  Picture of san*en bus Picture of Akarengasoko bus Picture of Nogeyama Zoo bus
  S route a route n route
Image As for the details, please see page of sightseeing SAN line aimlessly.

It is ticket with all Yokohama bay area whole-day passes aimlessly
Image Which "the number of dirt is how many" can get on and off municipal bus, subway of Yokohama bay area freely for sightseeing in Yokohama all day long "aimlessly other than sightseeing SAN line"; "ticket is recommended with all aimlessly"!

●500 yen for adults (children 250 yen)

※There is, "ticket is wide with all aimlessly" that subway Shin-Yokohama Station can get on and off Shin-Yokohama Station toward the use.
It is picture of ticket with all aimlessly
Image As for the details, please see page of ticket with all aimlessly.

Headquarters for Promotion of business business, sightseeing Planning Division update day December 19, 2017

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