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How to get on municipal buses

To customer who is taken for the first time
It is guide to person who gets on Yokohama municipal bus in sightseeing, business trip, convention for the first time.

The appearance of municipal bus

The ground contains blue horizontal line with cream.
Bus of, besides, private company of municipal bus runs in Yokohama-shi.

... small memo ...
There is bus that the entire surface was wrapped by advertisement, but the front becomes municipal bus color except some vehicles.
The vehicle appearance

Indication of destination

We add and system number beside aspect and entrance before and after vehicle, and there is destination indication (direction curtain).
When you do not understand well as all bus stops to stop at are not displayed, please refer to crew at the time of ride.
Municipal bus direction curtain
In addition, in the inside of car, stop to stop at next is displayed by display unit the inside of car ahead.

... small memo ...
Outside a car broadcast speaker is on beside ride door of bus. Here, we work as guide of destination by automatic sound broadcast.
Indication of the next stop in the car

Method of ride

It is fare advance payment method by "rainfall after the previous riding".
We stand in line at bus stop, and please wait.

... small memo ...
To one ride Paul, bus of plural systems arrives and departs.
Please be careful about taking a wrong one enough.


Adult: 220 yen in cash, IC card 216 yen children: It is 110 yen in cash, uniform fare of IC card 108 yen (most lines).
Rate changes by ride distance on some lines.

... small memo ...
When it is paid with one piece of 500 yen coin and 10 yen coin two pieces, please put two pieces of 10 yen coins earlier.
(280 yen change is paid when we put 500 yen coin earlier.)

Payment of fare

Please let fare enter in coin box.
In addition, we sell ticket with ticket and all daily aimlessly.
In the case of bus IC1 diary bike-race ticket, you have you offer the purchase, and please touch after crew set.
In the case of other tickets, please pay rate to crew directly.
※Sale of ticket becomes some municipal bus inside of car operating application section with all aimlessly.
Coin box
Where should we pour money into?

Please put in the slot.
As for the 500 yen coin this way, please. Change comes out automatically.
1,000 yen notes, 2,000 yen notes
Please can enter paper money insertion entrance. Change comes out automatically.
Bill insertion mouth
Daily ticket
Please show in jomumuin.
※Crew takes thing of non-entry (advance ticket), and date lists.

PASMO, Suica
Please touch IC reading part of coin box with PASMO, Suica. Fare is paid from PASMO, Suica automatically.
IC card reading point

*Please touch on touch well for one second.

*In the inside of car of bus, PASMO, Suica can charge (only as for 1,000 yen notes, 2,000 yen notes). Please report to crew.
*You put PASMO, Suica to IC reading part if it becomes such a screen after the proposal, and put 1,000 yen notes or 2,000 yen notes in paper money insertion mouth.
What should 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen notes do?
Machine is not equivalent to 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen notes.
We would appreciate your offering small change.

Customer of children fare
Please let crew know that it is children fare beforehand. Crew sets coin box in children fare.

When we take in two or more at the same time
Please let crew know the number of people beforehand. We set rate for several.

... small memo ...
We are upset after standing before coin box when we begin to look for wallet from bag and pocket for the first time.
You can take in relaxed margin when you have you offer fare from wallet while you are waiting for bus.

When we might not know at time to have a problem

Please speak to crew casually.
For careful driving, we would like during stops such as waiting at a stoplight as much as possible.
Any questions, please refer to Yokohama-shi call center (045-664-2525) for (going guiding or diamond) casually.

... small memo ...
Because Yokohama is sightseeing spot, citizen has a lot of people who are kind to tourist. It is hand to hear from local person that it is awaiting bass decisively. We think that there are surely many people teaching kindly.

Mobile phone

We have you cut power supply in the neighborhood of priority seat, and, at other place, please refrain from call after setting in silent mode.
Sticker in the car

About carry-on of pet to the inside of car

We can bring in only when we are put in the complete case about small animal for petting such as small dog or cat.
※Guide dog and service dog can just take.
Carry-on is possible

Carry-on is possible with cart-shaped case.
But I may decline ride when I judge that crew including case that the inside of car is crowded cannot ensure the security of customer.

※Head or foot of pet are like appearing outside container and cannot bring in.
In addition, we bring in even thing with cover, and sling for pet is not done.

Carry-on is possible


Manners in the car do not change with bus which all of you usually use.
Please spend comfortable shiitabinohitotokioo.

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Car headquarters Transport Section update day April 1, 2018

Inquiry about city bus, subway to "Yokohama-shi call center"
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