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Tax of Yokohama-shi

Municipal tax

Person, tax credit, taxpayer who do not need to declare method of report and the tax payment, person who must declare about income

Property tax

With property tax, urban planning tax general inspection of property tax, evaluation of land, house, a lot of reduction system including reduction of reduction, residential land of new house, proprietary rights move of non-registration house

Light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)

About light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) required documents of report of motorcycle, time when have been stolen

Payment, consultation of tax

When, about payment, the tax payment is troubling about fund transfer, about nonpayment of tax

Proof about tax

Certificate (city, prefectural tax taxation (tax exemption) certificate) affecting personal residence tax, certificate affecting fixed assets, tax payment proof
Proof at window, proof grant application, identity verification documents by mail

Taxation office work about corporation municipal tax

It deals with taxation office work about corporation municipal tax in Yokohama-shi corporation taxation section.
Please see page of this corporation taxation section.

Office work about special collection from city prefectural tax salary

It deals with reception desk of salary payment report and transfer registration form, duties of shipment of the amount of a tax letter of advice in Yokohama-shi special collection center.
Please see page of this special collection center.
※We accept inquiry about special collection (pension characteristic) from public pension in ward City Tax Section (about system of pension characteristic, look at this page).

Taxation office work about depreciable assets

It deals with taxation office work about depreciable assets in Yokohama-shi depreciable assets center.
Please see page of this Finance Bureau depreciable assets.

"Page of yokohama city tax"

As for the information for overall Yokohama city tax, please see "page of yokohama city tax" of this Finance Bureau.

Window of national tax, prefectural tax

Income tax (final income tax return), inheritance tax, gift tax, corporation tax, consumption tax

Taxation office
 Jurisdiction taxation office of Konan Ward is Yokohama south taxation office
 Telephone: 045-789-3731
 Address: 3-2-9, Namiki, Kanazawa-ku (the nearest station: seaside line Sachiura Station)
We make "decision reports at making corner", and report can print National Tax Agency homepage.

Motor vehicle tax (jidosha-zei), enterprise tax, real estate acquisition tax

Prefectural tax office
 Jurisdiction prefectural tax office of Konan Ward is Tozuka prefectural tax office
 Telephone: 045-881-3911
 Address: 449, Kamikuratacho, Totsuka-ku (the nearest station: subway or JR Totsuka Station)
 ※South prefectural tax office was closed on March 31, 2014.

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