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Administration policy, budget

Administration policy

 It is document of end of ward administration policy and ward administration policy period swing upset.

Budget, main business required

Budget, main business required

 It is document of making of ward promotion costs self planning business budget and main business of ward.

Ordering, contract information

 It is document about prospect of the conclusion situation, contract of bid, contract.

Konan Ward designation manager

 It is document of the management administration situation of designated manager, the recruitment of designated managers situation of each facility.

Making of ward business meeting

 It is page about held summary of making of ward business meeting.

Summary of the Konan administration of a ward

 It is PDF document of booklet which summary of administration of a ward administration of Konan Ward which we constituted mainly on result of inspection, self-evaluation for main business explained clearly.

Konan Ward environment action target

 It is aim of inhabitants of a ward and environment action in cooperation, Konan Ward to collaborate, and to wrestle as well as approach at ward office.


Measure policy of Yokohama-shi

 It is page about basic policy of Yokohama-shi and examination

Budget of Yokohama-shi

 It is page about budget, financial statements, financial status of Yokohama-shi
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