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We are proud of oldness and town of Konan

1,405 town pride gathered!

What is it when proud of town?


It is approach to rediscover oldness and charm of Konan

 Konan Ward reached the 40th birthday in 2009.
 "We are proud of town" is approach to deepen attachment and friendly feeling as "hometown" in confirming together that we live for charm of town of Konan that has been brought up so far in this town.

 We will keep alive to lead to local action in the future.

Do you not look for way of enjoying of "town pride" for you?

We enjoy town which waits, and begins with pride and are idea to tie person to. Please find town vaunted way of enjoying you styles!


●We wait, and, over pride, let's enjoy town!

 In Konan Ward, flowers blooming seasonally such as cherry tree, azalea, horse chestnut tree please eyes. There are a lot of spots that can be idle in families. View Point with a view of Fuji introduces even orienteering map. ho itemiyo Konan!


●We plan tour and rediscover town!

 We wait and plan tour over pride with friend, and there is new pleasure different from walk in one in waiting, and discovering pride again. We will rediscover town in viewpoint of various people!


●We are proud of town and introduce our town

 When we introduce own town to one that came from other wards, we wait, and pride is helpful. It is usable as opportunity to know town in one that has begun to live in Konan Ward newly.


●We are proud of town and know local activity!

 Did you know that there was activity so much close? We participate in local activity, and what begin activity in reference to approach that we are proud of town and are introduced, and there is is wonderful!

We gathered and gathered up and made and advertised

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