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Local town development

Approach of town development

 City master plan, Konan Ward plan, Sakuramichi redevelopment, Hino River promenade maintenance, the making of rule of town, town development of around Kami-Ooka Station district

Konan engineering works office


 Management, maintenance, permission for occupancy of roads of road, road own expense construction, drawing certified copy, copying proof, bicycle parking lot

The sewer

 Sewer own expense construction, loan system


 Management of park, rule of use of park, information of park playground equipment, list of city parks, park protection society


 Maintenance of route bus network

Ward synthesis Government building redevelopment

 We assume new ward synthesis Government building maintenance plan at 4, Kounan, Kounan-ku.
 We publish basic policy, summary of this maintenance, result of questionary survey.

Konan Ward "green up"

 Green curtain, tree planting activity, picture-story show

Oldness and Konan business to make together

 Local production for local consumption

・Direct sale society "vitamin greens city" farming product experience "vitamin greens farm"

 Sunflower charm up

 Ingredients from Konan Ward in "yokohamaoyatsu!"

 What baby birth present to ask for

 Sunflower photo studio

 Sunflower leading

 Sunflower badge

We are proud of town

 We rediscover oldness and charm of Konan. "Town pride" more than 1,400 that each brought together

Life memorial tree

 Memorial tree of turning points such as birth, elementary school entrance to school, employment, marriage, celebration of longevity
 We link to page of Environmental Planning Bureau. From the Internet can apply.

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