Statistics, data

Statistics, data

Statistics information of Konan Ward

We can glance through the area of the Konan Ward, population by estimate, registration population, main statistics information including national census result.
Konan Ward statistics portal site (we link to Yokohama-shi statistics portal site.)

About national census

Thank you for answer to national census in 2015.

National census result breaking news (Yokohama-shi original count) was announced in 2015.
About result of other national censuses, please see "Yokohama-shi statistics portal site".
National census 2015
The details about national census look at national census 2015 campaign site in 2015.

Statistics investigation to carry out in Konan Ward

 List of statistics investigations to carry out in Konan Ward

Population statistics

The latest population data (we link to Yokohama-shi statistics portal site.)

    Population includes "population by estimate" and two kinds of "registration population".
  • ・Population by estimate…In the basics, we modified the number of the transfer by monthly Basic Resident Register, non-Japanese registration and estimated number of national census.
  • ・Registration population…We added up Basic Resident Register population and non-Japanese registration population, and are different from "population by estimate".
  • ・Population dynamics…It is transfer (birth, the death, transference, transference) of monthly population with Basic Resident Register.

 Past population data are this

Population according to town: Population according to registration population-based town. As of the end of every month.
 Population according to past town is this

Age-specific population: Population according to each population-based age .5 years old rank by estimate. As of every year January 1.
 Past age-specific population is this

Age-specific population according to town and village: Registration population base. As of the end of every year March or September.
 Age-specific population according to past town and village is this

Non-Japanese registration population: Other than the total number, we publish nationality distinction. As of the end of every month.
 Past non-Japanese registration population is this

Data book Konan

We issued "2015 data book Konan".

We publish wide data about living or industry of Konan Ward in data book Konan.
You distribute the latest booklet for free at ward office, and please use the latest edition, back number as you can download PDF version together.
  "Data book Konan" is this place

Back numbers

We publish statistics manual, data book Konan after 2000.
  Back number is this

Data according to town and village eyes

 We can download data (enrollment, national census) about population, data (establishment, company statistics investigation, industrial statistics investigation, commercial statistics investigation) about industry by town and village eyes distinction.
 Data (we link to Yokohama-shi statistics portal site) according to town and village eyes

Main statistics findings

 National census, establishment, company statistics investigation, industrial statistics investigation, house, land statistics investigation, commerce statistics investigation, employment structure basics investigation are published.
 Main statistics findings (we link to Yokohama-shi statistics portal site)

Statistics investigator

 There are various things for statistics investigation that country performs, but says person who actually visits various places of subjects of survey in research activity, and investigates with statistics investigator. It is part-time service public employee who statistics investigator establishes period each investigation conduct each, and is appointed and carries "identification of investigator" of with photograph of the face during research activity by all means.
 As statistics investigator becomes public employee during appointment period, confidentiality occurs. Thus, act such as telling provided information to another person is prohibited by research activity.

 Main work of statistics investigator visits various places (household, establishment, company, store) for investigation and distributes questionnaire and explains purpose and contents of statistics investigation to be able to fill out questionnaire definitely and is to collect questionnaire which had you fill out at the future. In other words, we carry various places for investigation and the most important role to support directly in the front line of statistics investigation.
 In Yokohama-shi, we make permanent statistics investigator system, and approximately 50 people are registered as permanent statistics investigator in Konan Ward. We have cooperation for smooth conduct of investigation while planning knowledge improvement of statistics investigation through participation in workshop toward the permanent statistics investigator. We would like inquiry about permanent statistics investigator to General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section.

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Kanagawa Statistics Center
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