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Inquiry, suggestion


On the telephone

 045-847-8484 "ward office switchboard"

 We have phone number to lead to department in charge, person in charge directly. We can look for by this "floor guidance".

By mail

 〒 233-0003
 4-2-10, Kounan, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-shi
 City of Yokohama, Konan Ward (○○ section or ○○ charge)


 It is faxed every each section.
 You see this "floor guidance", and please use FAX number of department in charge.

By E-mail

 Question that had you approach to this place answers from post in charge.
 (about contents except duties of ward office, please note that you cannot answer.)

 About road, the sewer, park, it is address kn-doiken@city.yokohama.jp of Konan engineering works office
 (as address of Konan engineering works office changed, please be careful.)

Suggestion, request, opinion

 It is the Internet, page of document (petition)

Before is posted reference -; -

Publication of "civic voice"

 We publish suggestion, opinion sent by "suggestion from citizen" "mayor petition" by everybody and the answer.


 We publish common question sent to each Konan Ward government office section.

Yokohama-shi call center

 We are doing procedure, event of ward office and city hall, inquiry and municipal administration information about facilities, information for living information.
 In addition, we publish common question put to call center.

Konan Ward government office outline of business

 We can look for department in charge, person in charge, phone number, window number from names such as procedures.

Inquiry counter

 We publish consultation counter which is a chance for solution to trouble.

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