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About the use of RSS

With RSS

 We offer update information by RSS to have Konan Ward homepage conjugate in City of Yokohama, Konan Ward more usefully.
 Your RSS leader registers URL of necessary information with list from the inside, and please use.

 We can display article that we updated with news site or blog performing update in technique to deliver entry and summary of article of website frequently.
 We come to be able to obtain update information of theme that had you register automatically quickly without opening Konan Ward homepage by using RSS.


1.Please offer RSS leader in the use.

 Please offer RSS reader by customer each person. We can download from the Internet.
 You can choose thing which free, is usable in "RSS leader for free" to searching by "RSS leader-free".

2.Please register address with RSS leader.

 Please register address of item required from "list of RSS offering" with RSS leader.
 We come to be able to confirm new information on RSS leader.

 By browser corresponding to RSS, we can register even that we click RSS icon in header part of browser or address column.


 In the use, please be careful about the following things.

1.Please use RSS reader in the range of personal responsibility.

2.It is not accepted inquiry about how to use software including leader question and RSS about usage of RSS.
  Please confirm explanation of each software and service.

3.For system maintenance, we suspend service without notice and may change URL by convenience on system.

4.After the delivery, you change without notice, and, depending on contents which are released, please note that you may stop.

5.Offer of this service is caused by delay or thing that we stopped and, about damage that user or third party took, cannot take responsibility.

6.When contents delivered to past are saved at hand, you may not see by change of contents and address.

List of RSS offering

 On Konan Ward homepage, we are going to release entry about the following information by RSS and prepare.
 Wait a minute.

What's New Information that we placed in "latest information" of top page regardless of category is available.
Press release Press release document
Child Do you make category of information low rank about child care? Nursery school, Vaccinations, course, consultation
The Long-term Care Insurance Home care support company space information
Offer information Recruitment of temporary workers information at ward office
Ordering, contract information Ordering, the contract situation
Urgent information We offer news from ward office in earthquake, emergency including large-scale disaster.


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