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[enlightenment activity] Abolished cooking oil collection

Let's reuse tempura oil (abolished cooking oil) which we have finished using!

Than "we only throw away." The feeling produces eco-friendly energy!

In Konan Ward, we collect use finished and expired vegetable cooking oil (abolished cooking oil) with Yokohama-shi global warming measure promotion meeting and push forward approach to reduce quantity of carbon dioxide emission and quantity of garbage to alternative fuel of heavy oil by reproducing.

⇒Collection event schedule is this in 2016

We are going to collect, and event [Maruyama University "dai" pike ten 2017 (Sunday, March 26)] is called off for rainy day.

Tempura oil (abolished cooking oil) collection? 

* Why do you collect tempura oil?

It collects vegetable tempura oil (abolished cooking oil) which became unnecessary with use finished and expiration of home, and this is because it reduces discharge of carbon dioxide (CO2) and quantity of garbage to fuel by reproducing.

* Why does carbon dioxide decrease when we collect tempura oil?

It is said that atmospheric carbon dioxide does not increase even if quantity of carbon dioxide which occurs when we reuse rapeseed tempura oil made from plant as quantity and fuel of carbon dioxide which the plant absorbs in growth process and burn burns jitame.
We connect with reduction of carbon dioxide by reusing this tempura oil in substitution for fuel that we do not take in carbon dioxide in generation processes such as heavy oil or gasoline.
Collected tempura oil is reused as fuel of diesel generator and plastic greenhouse!

* How long were you able to collect until now?

◆Collection ... 560 liters by eventAbolished cooking oil which we collected in H27 carbon offset booth
 In Konan Ward, we started collection in 2014 in "what child dream world to ask" for.
 350 liters (as for none of the drums 200 liters) of tempura oil gathered in 210 liters, 27 in 26!

◆Approach ... 297 liters (from August, 2015 March, 2016 meter) of periodical collection in area
 Approach of periodical collection began in 27 in some Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations.
 We are carrying out in 8 Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations of golden garden Neighborhood Association, Mitsui housing complex Neighborhood Association, Serigaya stand Neighborhood Association, konandaichonaikai, Noba house first Neighborhood Association, Noba house second Neighborhood Association, Noba house fourth Neighborhood Association, Noba house sixth Neighborhood Association in total now.
 The collection gross weight of 27 amounted to 297 liters!

We collect by event this year!

Collection listing

 ・ What the child dream world (November 5, 28) end to ask for
 In honor and all of Konan "eco-live." @ Daiei Konandai (November 10, 28) end
 [rain out] Maruyama "great (dai)" pike ten 2017 (March 26, 29) 

○It was finished "anything child dream world to ask" for
News of 2016 collection event

 Carbon offset (※) challenge event!

 It is 15:00 from 10:00 on Saturday for /11 five days a month on the date and time
 Place / Konan contact park (Konan 4-2)

    ※We are exhausted in this way with each booth branch in what child dream world
         In using fuel which calculates quantity of carbon dioxide, and reproduced by collection of oil
         It is approach to perform quantity and offset (offset) of carbon dioxide which we were able to reduce.

    [collection result] 300 liters (achievement of carbon offset! State on) ⇒ day is this

  • In "honor and all of Konan "eco-live." It was finished @ Daiei Konandai
     It is 15:30 from 14:00 on / Thursday, November 10 on the date and time
     Place / Daiei Konandai shop (3-1-2, Kounandai)

    [collection result] State on 120 liters of ⇒ day is this

  • "Maruyama "great (dai)" pike ten 2017" [cancel for rainy day]
     It is 15:00 from 11:00 on / Sunday, March 26, 2017 in schedule
     Place / Maruyamadai ginkgo slope mall (getting off at subway Kami-Nagaya Station)
     You put in how to put out / plastic bottle, and bring to venue. Please close the cap well not to leak. Deep-fried refuse can enter to some extent.

News (PDFPDF 212KB) of 2016 collection event is this

※Adobe Reader is necessary to read PDF version. When you are not installed in PC of the use, you download from the following linked page, and you install, and please use (free).
We obtain Adobe Reader  To download page

Collection method

You collect vegetable tempura oil which became unnecessary in plastic bottle, and please bring in each event site.
(please consult about cases that event cannot have.)


Some deep-fried refuse may enter. You prevent you from leaking, and please close cover well.


Sponsorship: Yokohama-shi global warming measure promotion meeting kitchen oil field project

Cooperation: Love and faith energy combination company, Daiei Konandai shop, [Mick] spring information center, Maruyamadai ginkgo slope mall, Konan Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division     

    Ground you of all

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