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Garbage and resources, eco-katsu

Eco-katsu of Konan Ward

 We publish introduction and report of eco-activity in Konan Ward.Illustration of ground
  Tree planting promotion, power saving, energy saving, garbage weight loss, local production for local consumption 

Disposal procedures

Yokohama 3R dream (slim)

 Summary of 3R dream plan, aim of Konan Ward

Collection of your towns day

 Please see page of this Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau to check collection of your towns day.

How to dump a large-sized waste

 Application, how to put out oversized garbage (we link to page of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau.)


Garbage which we cannot collect in air-conditioner TV, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, clothing dryer, PC, disposal, city of the body of animal

 Air-conditioner TV, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, clothing dryer | PC | The body of animal | Others
 All link to each page of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau.

Garbage and how to put out, foreign language version of resources (How to Put Out Your Garbage and Recyclables)

 As for the foreign language version, please see this garbage and how to put out resources.

Konan Ward environment action target

 It determines environmental action target every year to work on environmental action.

Life hygiene

About pet

 If we keep registration and rabies vaccination, cat of dog to live with dog comfortably peacefully

Extermination of harmful insects

 Story of the extermination, mold and tick of bee

Food hygiene, drinking water

 To that provides food by event to be open in restaurant food hygiene, food poisoning, management of drinking water

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