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Konan sunflower plan 

With Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning

 Inhabitants of a ward, activity group, administration cooperate so that anyone lives in peace in area that lived so long and aim at enhancement of relations to be able to assist each other while local and are plan to make area better more together.
 As well as activity to be related to the welfare, health, we aim at disaster prevention, anti-crime program, beautification activity of town and local festival, all the daily local approaches including event for this plan to make area better more.
 It is thing indicating approach contents, but all of inhabitant of a ward, activity groups decides own, and this plan is placed as thought, plan to, so to speak, become "compass" to begin because it is possible toward local connection and enhancement of assisting.
 Plan is comprised of "plan according to district" indicating approach based on "ward plan" indicating approach of the whole Konan Ward and local characteristic of area each of 15 alliance Neighborhood Associations, district Council of Social Welfare in ward.
 "Konan sunflower plan" performs nickname open call for participants while third plan is made and is nickname of "Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning" that had you name toward the area.

Page of the third Konan sunflower plan (from 2016 32)

Page of the second Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning (from 2011 27)

Page of Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning (from 2006 22)

With plan according to district

 We shared problem in life such as the welfare, health in more imminent area and devised to make structure which utilized various local actions and human resources for the solution, and, in Konan Ward, pushed forward development by alliance Neighborhood Associations unit (district Council of Social Welfare unit). For realization of plan, approach begins in each district.

With Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning promotion Committee

 It is committee comprised by representatives such as inhabitant of a ward, people of learning and experience, various groups, administration that inhabitants, office, company, NPO and administration are collaboration and plan Konan Ward community-based welfare health pipelaying.

Assist area; with network

 With promotion of each activity, we aim at approaches from joint ownership of problem to area problem, development of community development of assisting by group, group, company, individual working on local welfare health practice planning cooperation.

With Konan sunflower plan "shabe Ciao ♪"

 Inhabitants of a ward participates and, for the purpose of joint ownership of activity, problem of the whole Konan Ward, holds as place of exchange of opinions along the approach situation and 8 themes of plan according to district of 15 districts. We report contents in Konan Ward community-based welfare health promotion meeting.


With Konan sunflower plan support subsidy

 For approach and activity along 4 themes according to field of ward plan, we issue subsidy to push forward the third Konan sunflower plan and support approach, activity.

Watch; with cooperation company

 It is gentle shop and delivery, delivery companies who cooperate to watch triggered by "greetings" and "calling" in everyday living.

Community-based welfare health planning promotion news [himawarinowa]

 We issued three times a year from 2011 to 2015 to introduce the approach situation or activity group of community-based welfare health planning.

   [PDF] The face (Portable Document Format, 1,267KB),[PDF] the back (Portable Document Format, 1,250KB) 

  • We issued thirteenth issue on September 14, 2015.     

[PDF] The face (Portable Document Format, 1,809KB),[PDF] the back (Portable Document Format, 1,738KB) 

  • We issued twelfth issue on March 31, 2015.

[PDF] The face (Portable Document Format, 1,991KB),[PDF] the back (Portable Document Format, 2,463KB)


  • We issued tenth issue on July 10, 2014.

[PDF] The face (Portable Document Format, 4,007KB),[PDF] the back (Portable Document Format, 2,362KB)

  • We issued ninth issue on March 12, 2014.

[PDF] The face (Portable Document Format, 1,337KB),[PDF] the back (Portable Document Format, 1,114KB)

  • We issued eighth issue on November 12, 2013.

[PDF] The face (Portable Document Format, 3,760KB),[PDF] the back (Portable Document Format, 4,946KB)

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