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FAQs (Q&A)

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General Affairs Division

 Q: What is necessary for application of car temporariness service permission (the temporary number)?
 Q: How much is service period of car temporariness service permission (the temporary number)?
 Q: Address of owner on register is old and becomes Minami Ward. It is necessary to take proof called Konan Ward, what kind of certificate should we take now?
 Q: What kind of insurance is Yokohama-shi social movement insurance <volunteer insurance>?

Ward Administration Promotion Division

 Q: We want to receive legal advice, what should I do?
 Q: We want to talk about trouble of door-to-door sales, what should I do?

Regional Promotion Division

 Q: Because bicycle is left on street, it disturbs traffic of walk. What should I do?
 Q: Case to want to install crime prevention light when want to repair, what should do?
 Q: Please tell about athletic meet that inhabitant of a ward can participate in freely
 Q: We want to do volunteer activity

Family Registry Division

 Q: To demand all the family register, individual matter proof (certificate of family register, abridgment), copying of tag of family register
 Q: To take all the removal from a register, individual matter proof (partial copy of nullified family register, abridgment), identification card, acceptance certificate of family register, notice items mentioned certificate, non-being on the register roll certificate, change certificates such as names of land (permanent domicile)
 Q: That permanent domicile is not Yokohama-shi and takes tag of all the family register, individual matter proof (certificate of family register, abridgment) and family register when other municipalities have permanent domicile
 Q: What is it to be careful about procedures of report of family register such as marriage registration form, notification of transfer of family register?
 Q: To take copying of resident certificate, resident certificate items mentioned certificate, Seal Registration Certificate, house indication change certificate
 Q: Is anything necessary to take Seal Registration Certificate?
 Q: Procedure when we lost private seal registration document
 Q: What is thing handling in service counter in the city hall?
 Q: Is certificate removed even on Sunday Saturday?
 Q: When the person does not go to ward office directly, how can you take certificate if you do?

Tax Division (taxation: municipal tax relations)

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 Q: Where are the tax payment municipalities when address changed in the middle of year?
 Q: Though there was not any income, "municipal tax, prefectural tax report" has been sent
 Q: What happens to tax on part income?
 Q: Tax payment letter of advice of municipal tax, prefectural tax has been sent this year last year though we retired
 Q: When we scrap motorcycle on April 2, must we pay tax of this year?
 Q: Procedure when theft included motorcycle (125cc)
 Q: Contents of taxation system revision for the past conduct

Tax Division (taxation: property tax relations)

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 Q: Proof application: As we want to make article to own clear, can you apply for land tax ledger (copying) of "all land houses to own"?
 Q: Tax exemption measures: A part of the land is used as some roads, and traffic is indefinite many people freely. Does property tax reduce?
 Q: The amount of a tax: Though we do not rebuild the new enlargement either, may property tax rise suddenly?

Tax Division (tax payment relations)

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 Q: Do we not need to pay the later tax if transferred from Konan Ward (Yokohama-shi)?
 Q: We had target motorcycle stolen when we forgot to put light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei). Do we not need to pay tax now?
 Q: When the person goes to take tax payment certificate, what is necessary?
 Q: When non-person goes to take tax payment certificate, what is necessary?
 Q: What should I do to take tax payment proof for car inspection of light motor vehicles?
 Q: Can you request tax payment certificate by mail?
 Q: You just paid city tax yesterday in bank, can you take tax payment certificate immediately?
 Q: What kind of procedure should we take to perform payment of city tax by fund transfer?
 Q: Can even which type of tax make fund transfer?
 Q: What financial institutions of the whole country will fund transfer be available in?
 Q: Tax payment letter of advice has been sent, but will transfer procedure of tax of this year be possible now?
 Q: Is it necessary to apply for fund transfer again every year every year?
 Q: Can you pay city prefectural tax and property tax from separate accounts?
 Q: When we have article toward plural wards in the city for property tax, how should we apply?
 Q: We want to change financial institution paying, what kind of procedure is necessary?
 Q: You divide tax, and can you pay?
 Q: I hold direct debit every each deadline of the delivery, what should I do now to change to method to pay the amount of annual tax by lump from the next year?
 Q: When on what date will tax be paid specifically in?
 Q: We were not able to pay by balance lack of account. What should I do?
 Q: Can you pay tax going too far of deadline of the delivery?
 Q: Has tax payment letter of advice been sent?
 Q: Has receipt been sent?
 Q: What should I do to pay tax that has been over deadline of the delivery?
 Q: By circumstances, we cannot pay city tax by deadline of the delivery. Can you have you wait for the tax payment?
 Q: What happens when we keep being behind with city tax?

Health and Welfare Division

 Q: We want you to tell about schedule or inoculation method of Vaccinations
 Q: We want you to tell consultation method and schedule of various cancer medical examination

Elderly and Disabled Support Division

 Q: Bringing documents which are necessary at the time of identification of respect for the old special ride new grant application
 Q: We want to know the acquisition of certificate of the physically disabled
 Q: Where should inquiry about The Long-term Care Insurance make?

Children and Families Support Division

 Q: We want to know application for nursery school and space information
 Q: Bringing documents which are necessary at the time of Child Allowance application
 Q: We want you to tell about holding of 0 years old child baby classroom
 Q: We want you to tell method to receive child-care consultation service

Insurance and Pension Division

 Q: Even student must join National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)
 Q: What should procedure of old-age pension (National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)) receipt do?
 Q: Procedure for participation of National Health Insurance
 Q: What is Retiree Health Care System?
 Q: About calculation method and payment of premium
 Q: We joined employee health insurance of company
 Q: Member died
 Q: What happens when behind with premium?
 Q: We had trouble with payment of premium by disaster and unemployment, bankruptcy
 Q: It has cost expensive medical expenses (about high medical costs)
 Q: When we receive medical treatment at (some 65 years old or older) 70 years old or older
 Q: We want to know support of medical expenses (children, single-parent home, severe person with a disability)
 Q: Return of medical expenses when we made corset with the advice of doctor?
 Q: When we are treated during stay abroad (overseas allowance for family medical expenses system)
 Q: What is specific health instruction specific medical checkup?

Health Sanitation Division

 Q: We had diarrhea right after we ate in restaurant. What to do
 Q: We want to attend class of food hygiene person in charge
 Q: We want you to tell hospital or clinics
 Q: Is there the furtherance of sterility, castration operation expense of dog/cat?
 Q: Or we protected, but what should disappearance of dog/cat do?
 Q: Tell method of antirabic injection of dog and registration
 Q: We are, and how is disposal of bodies when dog/cat died good?
 Q: We want you to get rid as hive was made by family
 Q: We want to take out oversized garbage, but what should I do?

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