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Procedure, service

Family register, resident certificate

Report, koseki*shohonto, resident certificate of family register, Seal Registration, proof, non-Japanese registration, address transfer, elementary and junior high school transference studies, house indication, resident registry card, public personal identification service


Municipal tax, light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei), property tax, payment, taxation proof, tax payment proof

Pension , insurance

National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), National Health Insurance, nursing-care insurance system, mail application (various)

The welfare

Elderly person support, person with a disability support, person whom life is troubling, Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning

Health, medical care

Health Checkups, inspection, health promotion, consultation, holiday, night emergency care, medical license concerned, medical institution search, new influenza

Garbage, life hygiene

Garbage separation, G30, oversized garbage reception desk, garbage collection, extermination of harmful insects, food hygiene, drinking water

Child care

The pregnancy, delivery, health, consultation, Vaccinations, childcare of infants, course, event, child care support, place to stay


Child, child after school and business to walk, school homepage, entrance to school, transfer, scholarship

Road, park, town development

We wait and are proud of engineering works office (road, the sewer, park), southern greenery office, green up, local town development, Konan Ward

Disaster prevention, anti-crime program

Disaster prevention base, disaster prevention map, the weather, earthquake information, security, reliable information

Social movement

Social movement, lifelong learning, culture promotion, sports promotion, collaboration business

Notice, application by mail


Statistics, data, election

Designated manager system

Administration policy, budget

We talk about every trouble

General Information

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