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Sunflower communication No. 446

 Come to play! Star Festival Festival!

On Wednesday, July 4, Konandai child care Network plays a key role at Hiroshi Park out of Konandai, and start; "come to play! Star Festival Festival was carried out. We displayed strip of paper which we wrote wish to big big bamboo grass!

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It was day when wind was slightly strong, but we did gymnastics vigorously and played and heard story-telling, and it was on day fun at all.

Star Festival Festival 7

Local Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which had you prepare, park protection society, silver club, it was on the wonderful Star Festival for children thanks to club Network, friends Konan, of fire brigade, local situation after school. Thank you.

On the next time, we are going to hold Wednesday, November 7, autumn festival at Hiroshi Park out of Noba. Don't miss it!

July 9, 2018 Konan Director General Takako Saito

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It is * ioitadakimashitao of Star Festival decoration and security from children of 445 Noba Saint Kei kindergartens
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We support everybody who is active in area! It is balloon comment called this
It is animation that Director General is running lightly
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447 Konan fire brigade "firefighting how to handle technique training party" was held! This
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