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Sunflower communication No. 438

 LED bulb campaign! in Noba

On Wednesday, June 13, all of elderly person households from IKEA Kohoku of municipal Noba house had offer of LED bulb.
From the south of IKEA Kohoku local marketing manager "felt that wanted to do daily life comfortably, and brought LED bulb. There were greetings, we would use.
From Kimura, chairperson of association of Noba house "call out to each other together, and is area that watch, and is usually assisting. There are a lot of volunteers working on installation. Bright electric bulb oidadaki is really nice. As for the greetings of thanks, thank you.
One work that we use stepladder by exchanging with LED bulb lasting a long time brightly this time decreases. When all of advanced age is very thankful, it is everybody delight.
Association of Noba house LED presentation ceremony 1
In everybodies who gathered on that day group photo of smile with a click.
We will put power together from now on so that we call out to each other peacefully together, and cooperation, daily livings find happiness!
Everybody of IKEA Kohoku that had you offer LED bulb, thank you.


We are good with Yokohama-shi and carry out this approach based on cooperation agreement for the purpose of "sustainable society in accord with environment" with a Japan.
Association of Noba house LED presentation ceremony 2

June 14, 2018 Konan Director General Takako Saito

We support everybody who is active in area! It is balloon comment called this

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