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Sunflower communication No. 437

 We let you bloom in Kaminagaya sunflower field, this year!

On Saturday, June 9, we planted seedling of flower "sunflower" of Konan Ward in safety zone of city planning road "Fujisawa, Yokohama Line" in front of Konan engineering works office with Maruyamadai ginkgo slope malls including Chairperson Honma with all of Maruyamadai Neighborhood Association.
It is the seventh in this year. Strong rain fell on the previous night, but was the best weather at the time of plantation.
Kaminagaya sunflower field 1  Kaminagaya sunflower field 2

Seedling of sunflower is approximately 700 pots. As two kinds are classified into pot, 1,000 exceed in total. We planted seed in pot, and the staff brought up in site of engineering works office, but, two weeks ago, was hit by accident that pigeon ate Futaba and young leave. This year is the first such a thing.
As we covered the top with tray for carrying around so that pot which has been eaten plants seed again, and we are not aimed again by pigeon, seedling which does not lengthen straight is outstanding.

Kaminagaya sunflower field 3 Kaminagaya sunflower field 4

After having gathered in office, at first we confirm how to plant in participants locally. And we plant and start!
We planted pot beforehand and displayed at position this year so that work progressed.

Kaminagaya sunflower field 5  Kaminagaya sunflower field 6

As participants are silent and are worked, it is planted more and more.
We plant and are finished without taking 30 minutes.

Kaminagaya sunflower field 7
It is taking a ceremonial photograph in hand with all of you and scoop which participated. Thank you.
During flowering, we are going to establish passage for observation that can enter at pedestrian crossing of subway underpass as well as average year.
We bring up in hope of "sunflower field of Kaminagaya" bringing rest and moisture to many people this year. Please expect, everyone.

Director June 14, 2018 Konan Ward engineering works office work Yoshihiro Yamaura

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