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Sunflower communication No. 436

 Event was carried out for health week of tooth and mouth

We put together for "health week of from 4 to 10 on June of tooth and mouth", and "health week event of tooth and mouth" was performed on the third floor of the Konan Ward synthesis Government building on Thursday, June 7.
Konan dental association, the Konan Ward eating habits are the cosponsorship at improvement promotion committee, ward office this time.

Health week event 1   Health week event 2   Health week event 3  
Let's polish well!
Coloring of vegetables is fun!
Can you brush your teeth properly?

For toothbrushing classroom of child and health check-up in mouth, fluorine application, there was participation of child of 145. In addition, we carried out inspection for adults including oral cancer health check-up and bone density inspection.

Health week event 4  Health week event 5 
Is it quiz, kana ~ to understand?
Staff on that day

In addition, there were vegetables measure quizzes to have higher than 350 grams feel that were food education moon emergency measure of June, coloring corner of vegetables and quantity necessary per day and had you receive health check in parent and child happily.

June 8, 2018 Konan Ward Health and Welfare Center long Kunio Nakai

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