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Sunflower communication No. 416

 We hold exhibition that impaired person produced at ward office!

Sunflower art exhibition 6

We display picture and work which impaired person going to office in ward and special support school produced in the first floor of the ward office hall.
In three weeks from Tuesday, February 13 to Friday, March 2, participation offices change every one week.
(until February 16) is work of user going to "Konan welfare home" "the second sunflower" "Konan local action home hino" this week.
Please see unique work by all means.

Sunflower art exhibition 1

Sunflower art exhibition 2 Sunflower art exhibition 3

Sunflower art exhibition 4 Sunflower art exhibition 5

In addition, in the participation office from February 19 to 23rd, "person of soyokazeno" "house of the soyokaze south" is "cold "jump" "Pastel" "omoro" "yunta" "shalom Konan" "Honey Bee" a - hem" at next week.

And it is in work of student of "special support schools such as Hinochuuo High School" "Konandai hino special support school" in the last week (from February 26 March 2).
What kind of work is displayed, in fun?

In addition, in the interval, we perform sale (sale quality varies according to days, but is "work" which people with impaired all made) such as bread or accessory by what next dream to always ask street for immediately in the neighbor in noon.
Please drop in at ward office to see work to purchase incidentally if you like.

February 14, 2018 Konan Ward Health and Welfare Center long Kunio Nakai

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