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Sunflower communication No. 414

 We experience occupation at ward office! Serigaya Junior High School second grader!

On Friday, February 2, two students of Serigaya Junior High School second grader came to Konan Ward government office concerning the last occupation experience this year.

Occupation experience 1 Occupation experience 2

It was cold day when it snowed from morning, but, in inhabitant of a ward activity support center in Kamiooka, students helped document making including print and binding in the morning and observed each facility of "yumeooka office tower" including Konan international exchange lounge and silver human resources center afterwards.
We felt worth doing for work while being tense in the first occupation experience and seemed to think about future occupation choice.

Occupation experience 3 Occupation experience 4

After experiencing exchanging business cards from the afternoon, and having observed each department of ward office, on blue anti-crime program police car, we experienced announcement of prevention of crime.
We patrolled in near Serigaya Junior High School and tried appeal hard in cheerful voice.

Occupation experience 5 Occupation experience 6

Student of Serigaya Junior High School thank you!
All of you who had you cooperate, thank you.

February 9, 2018 Konan Ward Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General Eiichi Sato

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