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Sunflower communication No. 380

 Nanriyo, Yokohama High School "sign language performance Koshien" participation!

Everybody of Nanriyo, Yokohama High School "society Welfare Division" passes qualifiers of the whole country with the fourth place,
We participated in "the fourth whole country high school student sign language performance" held in Tottori on Sunday, October 1!

Group photo

By performance, we receive case in "Mt. Tsukui lily garden" of last year,
We feature the theme of "discrimination and prejudice to person with a disability".

Nanriyo, Yokohama High School society Welfare Division

We actually saw performance.
Using "shadow picture by animals," we are about to appeal clearly and "pressingly".
"We were deeply impressed by heart" and were really splendid.
We seem to participate in volunteer activity in welfare institutions in area positively.
We would appreciate your seeing this splendid performance to many people by all means!

October 13, 2017 Konan Ward vice-Director General Yasushi Takada

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