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Sunflower communication No. 379

 It is 70 in this year! Red feather community chest

Community chest of red feather which began in 1947 reached 70 in this year.
Fund-raising on the streets activity was carried out in Konan Ward around Kami-Ooka Station, Kami-Nagaya Station, Konandai Station, each station of Konan-Chuo Station for three days of 3rd on 2nd on October 1.
We had donation activity participate in all of Konan Ward local welfare officer children's committee meeting, exercise Konan Ward meetings made with contact jonarikinjuhaidantaiyushi, bright society.

Red feather community chest 1 Red feather community chest 2

Red feather community chest 3

First day who hung cord having collecting box in the refreshing clear autumn sky from 10:00 on October 1 was each station, and the cause of first utterance of "I would like community chest of red feather", donation activity began.
We were able to have donation that there was many from many people that way went from the elderly to small children on Sunday partly because we said.

Red feather community chest 4 Red feather community chest 5

Red feather community chest 6 Red feather community chest 7

Furthermore, on 1st, donation activity was performed in "contact Festa" meeting place which Hino first alliance Neighborhood Associations held in Yoshiwara Elementary School.
In meeting place of festival, everybody of "all Yoshiwara" that were local baseball team called for cooperation with collecting box.

Red feather community chest 8 Red feather community chest 9

As fund-raising on the streets activity by all of Japanese Boy Scout shin*kawaren*yokohamananojikuyokohamadai 115 groups is carried out around Kami-Nagaya Station on 15th, I would like cooperation.

We want to make use of donation of good will that everybody gave to for caring of Konan Ward well.

October 5, 2017 Konan Ward Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General Eiichi Sato

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