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Sunflower communication No. 369

 We introduce nursery school, kindergarten in Keikyu Department Store!

Is hagu Kumi park on Kamiooka Keikyu Department Store the fifth floor for two days of Friday for Thursday, September 7 and eight days; "come to play! We introduce Konan Ward - nursery school, kindergarten! ... was held.

It is 1 visit in play

We introduced child-care facility and kindergarten in Konan Ward and had you performed mini-event to be able to be idle with childcare person and enjoy, and had you participate in of approximately 300 sets of parent and child people.

It is 2 visit in play It is 3 visit in play

At first various events such as magic show and Japanese vellum art by authorization child institution (kindergarten), song play that we made pair of maracas, panel theater were performed by mini-event on hand type torito height of child, weight measurement and 8th for seven days.

It is 4 visit in play It is 5 visit in play

Let alone many small children, it was impressive we participated in mini-event, and mother, father enjoyed, and to have come.

It is 6 visit in play It is 7 visit in play

We think that it might become place of important reporting for mother, father who are looking for nursery school and kindergarten from now on.

All of nursery school, kindergartens which are always taken care of in various ways, thank you for the cooperation this time.
And, all of Kamiooka Keikyu Department Store which had you provide meeting place, thank you very much.

September 13, 2017 Konan Ward Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General Eiichi Sato

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